Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bidding Happiness Goodbye

"40years of History,and we are left starring at Nothingness."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coming Soon

Coming Soon..
"Tales of the Guru
and his happy people
under the sun..."

Tongkat Ali


Tongkat Ali : Eurycoma longifolia is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceae, native to Indonesia and Malaysia Popular for its testosterone-enhancing properties. Historically, it has been used by the folk medicine in its countries of origin as a libido enhancer and to treat various sexual dysfunctions.

Anton insist i post this pic.and name it Ali and his Tongkat. My Argument was that it really doesn't look all that funny,...nor does it look like Ali(guy wt the moustache) and his walking Cane(tongkat)..besides Ali dont look like he needs help with getting his buddy up~ anyhow u be the judge.!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Silly billy Jaga Api!

Jaga Api :" Watching fire in malay,..common term used by housewives when they need to stay home and watch over their boiling soup."

I dunno what made these silly billies so silly.Is it really the education level or a lack of common sense?First of all, somebody stub cigarette into a huge stack of papers that could possibly initiate a huge plantation fire, then when you tell them to put it off expecting the flame to be extinguished once and for all, just to find the people who created the mess were having a cosy afternoon nap on the second day!... blowing ever so "gently" into somebody Else's face!

The most outrageous part is when the guy in-charge wakes up and rubs his sleepy eyes he tells you that they've been "Watching" the fire all night, that's why they're resting now! ..sigh~ anyhow we finally manage to put it off after continuously dousing it with water for 2hrs.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Recycling an old barn

Happy Estate : An old family palm plantation.its Not so happy these days as the government is trying to reclaim this land to turn it into a University.Under some serious negotiation currently.

The old barn you see here was build in probably the 60s-70s.When the Malayan palm industry was in its expansion era.By late 50s,the govt have acknowledged rubber crop gave a lower profit margin as compared to Palm oil,Hence launched many half /full conversion of rubber estate into palm estate.Till this day you'll notice some estates have the 2 distinctively different crops sharing the same alignment.

I'm not too sure bout the history of this particular land,but according to Ant,..we have had Cocoa, Coffee,Rubber and some other agricultural thingy before it was converted into a full Palm plantation. Reminisce of the yesteryears still lingers in the barn..I found some old chinaware,retro pvc mats,govt newsletters dated in 59-60s,even company receipts dated in the 70s!Apart from processing palm fruit,the 2 story building was probably a poultry barn for awhile,smells kinda funky..but it really felt like a walk down memory lane

anyhow,Its been unused for quite awhile.And we had the wickedness idea to rip it apart and recycle as much wood as much it can.I mean sentimental as it gets, the govt would destroy everything if it lands on their hands..Besides not only do we get to save cost + play our teeeeenny weeny part in conserving natural resources,we also get to take a part of the glorious days into the new project..

so look out for aged beams,old gazette wallpapers,fancy partitions.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Skeleton

Skeleton : Anatomy, Zoology. the bones of a human or an animal considered as a whole, together forming the framework of the body.
So the full frame work of the long house is up,We just bot the scalp (Zinc roof). And did a brief calculation of how much hair (nipah/dried palm leaves that covers zinc) we need. Even tho market rate is around 70-80cents per feet.It would still add up to a 5digit cost. Unfortunately we can't leave this handsome building "botak" nor would I be impressed if there was bald patches on his head..(yes,.. everything i own is male) we would have to fork out quite a bit to give it that early 90s Aaron Kwok, lush center parting hair.

The Dismantling of the old barn in Happy estate has also gone full on,will be capturing some of its "last days"~ sob sob..

More pics on

Yoda says:"
build we must,
till the
break of day."

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rumah PanjangNYAA

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Rumah Panjang : Roo-maah Pan- Jaah-Ng

Long House, A long wooden housing unit Traditional found within villages of indigenous tribes in Borneo, Such as the Ibans and Rungus.Usually house up to 3generations under the same roof.

Like all passionate relationships,you discover many traits to fall in love with .This project is very much as such to me. With every visit,every new idea conceived and every attempt to perfect the final delivery,the little voice in your head goes : "hey,i lyyykke that!" well,.. even tho technically speaking i've only got half a foot in,dipping the shallow waters,I really can't wait to work on the detailed touches and interior designs.cuz thats like the cosmetics on a woman's face..the stuff that'll finally make her GLOW!

Being the extremist scorpio that I am,I must say im about the die in this heart-throbing romance.

PS: Actually it sounds more like this "Oh oh i know,.. we can do this!,.. we can do that!.. hey oh no wait thats better,.WoW thats great,.oh yeah thats a yummy idea,.OOohh my thats hot 2!!!."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plant it.

After rounds of meticulous measuring,aligning and re-aligning,screaming,bearing embarrassing T-shirt tan-lines,suffering from heat stroke and dizzy spells,we finally took the plunge and planted the seeds.

In barely two weeks, Anton manage to drive his 12men crew into laying majority of foundation works.The supporting timber pillars were fixed just 1meter from the Cliff edge!Like a kid with her bag of candies, I couldn't wait to see more! Even tho I must say, with great plans for the sky high living habitats comes sky rocketing blood pressure too! While waiting for the cement to set,The unwelcoming rain decided to gatecrash our building party, We were all soaked in anxiety on those few stormy nights.Fortunately the beams remained erected in the puddle of mud.. which almost feels like cheesecake to walk on~

Keeping it short tonight so check out some pics,..more on

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tales of our forefathers

fine he's anton's popsie not mine!,But this great man left a great legacy in Sandakan,.he's got palm,timber,developement,cinema,hotel and a nice school to finish things off..YUYUAN SCHOOL is the only independent school in Sandakan,Mr Ngui Ah Kui founded it based on a very simple pricipal - everybody should be given a 2nd chance!..before the existence of this school,Kids who fail their final exams would have no where to go..and YUYUAN would offer them a second go at education. Till date it has expanded much and become the only school that provides private education. they're ripping away the old wooden building from the 60s,to make way for a much bigger one. Best part is - we get to recycle the wood ..hooohoo
PS: ppl stop diggin the roads in town!!!! they are fine as it is!!!
a freaky trivia : Mr Ngui and his Wife and his Mum, where once upon a time buried within the school compound!Brrr