Thursday, May 28, 2009

New webbie

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Anton finally got the new website up, I love reading his fine print..I wish there was a function that checks grammar smt equivalent to spellcheck.Cuz i can never write as well as he does & he gives me crap for my bad english.

anyhoo have a go and let us know what you think

and here's a shout out to Lindsey & Sam,Sorry we'll be missing you guys! Roses will give you all her
carebear shine while we're gone..since we're in memory lane,I think they've absolutely over-design the transformer's face in the movie.

anyways.... autobattsss transform. %&^%&*^*^ - roll out~

From Trashy to Flashy ..Coming Soon

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We reallly need a new vehicle..But instead of buying a spanking new van, We decided to re-work an old T2 Volkswagen from the 70s... Beware here we come.. n Puks can be our borneo version of scooby -d00.

our 3rd owl

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We got another owl... same species..after almost 3 months we've manage to tame it.But unlike cheftain only Lalaine our chef gets to stroke it.Apparently it really puts him to sleep when she talks to him & stroke him gentlely.Once he fell so deeply asleep he fell off the pole where he was standing as soon as Lalaine let go.We are trying to let it out to the new spot more often without the leash & cage. But Bengkok keeps annoying the owl.

Sun Bird

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The best time to catch good close up view of the birds are usually at around dusk. around 4.30 ish till 6.00. Or after a rain, When they come out to dry their wings. And the pavillion is a great spot to watch em swirl in & out of the big fig tree. If you are lucky, you even see wood peckers, hornbills & other endemic species of Borneo. Honestly I can go on & on describing how it magical it is in big detail fila fala vocab but, you've gotto come experience it yourself.

and when you do ...Be sure to grab a good book, make yourself a cuppa coffee or beer & make time to lay on the hammock all afternoon. You'll discover the show nature puts up daily, 24/7 is way way more happening than Hugh Jackman's abs in X-men origins...Haha who am I trying to kid

Feline V.S Canine

We've never introduced "Bengkok" officially on the here it is... Bengkok - Crooked in Malay.
He's a got a broken tail since a kitty he had some bad skin problem so nobody was giving him any love.. we got it off Uncle Jalil & brought it to a vet for a jab & now, he's blossom into a handsome jungle cat. With those maple eyes & really spoilt rotten attitude all he want is attention,attention attention!Its amazing to watch him catch birds that are flying by,then there's the not so amazing moments when he goes absolute mental with the field mice,squirrels,lizards,praying mantis n anything that moves. This cat rules our hills.

He had a close shave once. When we found him one morning with a huge gash on the belly & we couldn't believe our luck when one of our Portuguese guest was a veterinarian.She plop him on the table & stitch him back up like a Muppet. Too bad no camera around.

A came Puk puk, my 4ths old chubber. We brought him to the retreat a few times.Some days they get along some days they don't. & his close shave at the retreat was falling almost 10ft down the cliff concussed and passed out for a few seconds. Few seconds later he got up, shake it off & did a huge mount of poop - till this day I cant tell if there's any brain damage..cuz he acts like he's possessed by a kennel full of puppies all day long.


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There's a funny little call "death". From my whimsical border-lining mentally ill point of view, I thought i'd manage to capture death in a uncannily beautiful way. It's as if the bird was playing dead like a dog would.The dramatic lighting, set up & cause of death are all natural. Technically no animals were harm in the making of this shoot.. since it was dead when I found it.

Oh and if your'e a first timer to this blog, I'm not always this morbid...sorry if I freaked you out today.