Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dont judge a log by its bark

I must say, Uncle Jalil is like a lil Jackal sometimes..A mix of crafty fox and dorkish mongrels.This time the scavenger sniffed out a huge dead tree lying in Rudy's foster parent's home.. he's very old look almost look like Bilbo Baggins from LOTR ,whoose got a very old alchoholic wife,legend has it she's the drunken flasher in the village..haah!

Many came,and many left, most decided this was a risk not worth taking.On the outside ,The log looked thoroughly raped (yes rape not wrap!) by the the strangling fig plant,completely overwhelmed and possesed the log. There was the burnt bits all along the log hence it was priced at a very cheap price as unidentifiable timber.

But anton and his eagle eye decided to take a plunge at the irrisistable offer,We got rudy to cut it up and true enough it was a beatifull pc of Selangan Batu under the fig and burn surface..just when we thought the celebration was too soon,The owner jacked the price to twice as much. It's really annoying that we live in a integrityless world...but we had to take the price cuz he cauld easily sell it to sm1else anyways.. we even bribed the old lady some TUAK ( locally made coconut liquor - taste nothin like malibu )

We thought all will be well till Rudy got beaten up by the owner's son for introducing us..Anton had to gather the A' team to meet the "negotiate'' with the owners again,..twe they got there'.. All that old woman wanted was some Guiness ..hahhaah so anyways we got some1 else to cut the stuff up and get the hell outta there as soon as possible just incase she decides to flash.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Rants

I've been day dreaming a lot at work,its that wretched absolutely fuked neck i've got lah..Can't sit still for more than 10mins.Jalil has got some new chicks (the cute fuzzy 1s not booties u fools)Unknowingly it set my mind on a long patient course...a long wait till the day when dad finally makes the effort to pop by. Yeah, bloody chickadees and the bitter-sweet moments.Pfftt!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Its Showoff Sundays

My quintessential Hari Raya

Last week was the long awaited Hari Raya Puasa Holidays,Guru and Mali invited us to their Kampung (Village) for some celebration grubb. Which consist of 18 wooden houses, 1 sawmill workshop and loada chickens/cats/dogs/veg. gardens. Modern day luxuries aside,I really admire their self sufficient capabilities. It is not uncommon to find the Bugis people combining their finances to buy small plots of land and help each other build homes to kick start their little community..In the commercially tainted world we live in where we call our era "the every man for himself age" It was humbling to have experienced their generosity.
Amidst the clutter,you could really tell how each head of the family and their character reflected on the houses/the small courtyard they build.Mali's home is nice,simple,comfortable,the locals chilling pad. In stark contrast Guru's home was flashy,cloaked in pink,quirky.he even rented the ground floor to the local pimp..hence its "chick's chillin pad",Anyways after 5 meals of chicken cooked in different curries that day,My A'hemm hole reaaly took a bashing even after I down loada papayas.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Since the last trip to the not so happy..Happy Estate ,we've been drooling over this tree and some belian pillars that were littered around the estate. Seeing there's no way we can prevent powerful ppl from raping our land,We might as well grab whatever that's left before the mob comes in. I wasn't there to catch the excitement.According to Anton, what happened was Rudy (ex Lumberjack,Uncle Jalil's ex worker,current Goat shed guard and full time drinker)had a certain highly calculated technique to falling the tree.Before you know it,a loud crack leading to flock of escaping birds.. and TIMMBURRR the 90ft giant was down.
left Anton insisted i take this pic,right villagers scanvenging for birds
Judging from Anton's pose with his prized possesion, this exhilarating operation went well except for 1 slight freakky hiccup. While they were moving the wood to the transporting truck,the chain that was holding a good bundle of wood came loose and knocked 1 of the workers off from almost 9ft high.The poor guy suffered a heavy knock on the chest. Anton sent him to the hospital immediately,luckily after a few pain killers he seemed fine. Phew! what a close call,the falling timber cauld easily squaashed him. Sigh~ brutal reminder how life is cheap here.People put their lives in danger (knowingly or not) just to make ends meet.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Malaysia Boleh!

Initially i plan to post some of the '' Visit Malaysia 2007 Ads" - (for the benefit of some friends who dunno what to expect in Borneo)..even though I'm quite sure half the world have seen it being blasted on CNN/ Travel and Living ( HA! take that! Uniquely Singapore!)

but 2 clicks away,I stumbled across what could possibly be the national jewel , the equivalent of Panda to China.. a rare species of its own..Mr Sam Triggy.He's the guy who wanks his guitar like the Piano, its like watching the shabby Malaysian MAT ROCKER possessed by Steve Vai + Joe Satriani. do check it out!,..cuz this version of Poltergeist absolutely make my hair give an involuntary standing ovation! Wahh imagine cold beer,jungle breeze and live gig with this guy.

Mr Anton, never mind if you cant find Kinder Bueno Chocalate eggs with surprise toys or Burritos stuffed with scrumptious yum yum corn beef and guacamole in Sabah..I MUST HAVE SAM TRIGGY JUMPING OUT OF MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! you got 3 weeks, work on it! .. fine its negotiable - u got till the wedding!

Sam Triggy

Sam Triggy