Thursday, September 27, 2007

Faux wood Nuggets

OMG! I found these online,little beanie bags in wood prints. Well these cute lil buggers are 16USD each..not so cute when I'm reminded of how much MYR is worth - PEANUTS.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The 'A' Team

Guess who's the bomoh? ( witch doctor .. "the good ones" )

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"the pattern scraper maker thingy''

Sometimes Ant' can be quite a handy man,ehem' I find that quite cute.Well at least he's not engrossed in dressing up barbies! So this handy man of mine decided to customize his very own cement "pattern scraper maker thingy" as you can tell,I dont' know what is it call. But its basic function is to create a rainbow repeated pattern as you swipe the wet cement in a semi circular motion. Designed to add great design details and texture to the bathroom floors.

Days before the launch of "the pattern scraper maker thingy'', the guy who soon we will bestow him with this super tool made a few booboos..In view of the possible nightmares we might have to live with and against the architech chics ( cut us some slack lah Farah,and Nina..ain't got enough skilled workers here.) wishes,we had to go for tiles instead. So we found this tile that looks like peels of stone skin.It should look real good..cept it releases these iron oxide looking powder once in contact
with air.. so its 1 bad move after another.. (try taking a poop to this view!,pic on left)

It really is a learning process, even thou both of Anton and myself came from design background..where in the big cities,you get all the resources you need within the snaps of fingers.*snap snap,c'mon give the diva wat she wants!!* mann i miss doing that.Many a time i feel paralysed by the limitations that this lil orangutan town has to offer.I guess thats just the pessimistic and my tired perseverance talking.AHA! good excuse for whipp creamed cherry topped banana boat tonite..yummy!!