Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I lub mama earth!

Lola : Linn's alter ego, a Wilhelmina at heart,loves rubbing you in the face the oh soo wrong way bitch & 10 complaining Singaporean aunties snatching over discounted apples all combined in 1. Yea I know! She scares me too.
(sorry aunties, I cant act like Im fond of you & your entourage of permed hair!)

Past week I feel like Spidey in his Venomous suit & Lola's been trying to break free. My body feels like a pressure cooker with double broiled sweet & sour Chinese pig trotters in
me. Basically I was in a cranky mood. So we took a break & chilled out at the islands & boy was I glad we did that!

After whipping up some make shift Margaritas for the boys down at th
e island, They started sharing their often life threatening experience as Reef Guardians for SIMCA - These guys are serious bout walking their talk! Perhaps its the poisonous city air I grew up with,The cynic in me have thought me to spot & regretfully spat on people who don't walk their talk! It simply creeps me out when ppl join NGOs/Charity groups and claim that they are doing good when the ulterior motive really is for their own personal gain. Not sure if this practice is universal, But around this region. When you ask for donations..you are expected to give em recognition by putting their names on school buildings,on magazines,really i would think ... why not on my arse?

The Reef Guardians, do what they say they are..they protect their wa
ters from fish bombing, cyanide fishing & achieve reef conservation works.They've had pirates shot at them, Fish dynamites thrown at them & lotsa tripping over red tapes..and it's just another day at work. One of the boys actually got recognized & threatened by a fisher man at the local markets.

Over the 2hr mental sparring sessions between Archier(she's in-charge) & her round table of conservationist. I was blasted with scientific terms, amazing cycle of growth & teased with lil sacrilegious jokes like how a diver's piss could damage the reef..& most of all confronted by myself - "What have I done to make a difference?"

Inspired by them,We started a Tree planting campaign at our Bar in town,duh off course its Anton's idea as usual..he's the thinker & im the do-er.So when you guys do drop by, Do plant a tree for merely RM20 & help us keep Sandakan the way it is for years to come.I'm not a self proclaim environmentalist nor am I ever gonna turn Raw food vegan flashie hippie blahh,But I'm definitely holding in my piss when I'm out at sea.

Thats all~
"devil wears diapers"

Inspired by them,We started a Tree planting campaign at our Bar in town,duh off course its Anton's idea as
Edited after 8 days! -

After watching the Environment Day 2009 Specials : HOME by Yann Barthus-Bertrand.We were Aw-spired to make change. Despite only gathering 50+ trees over the past 8 days, I'll like to think the project have changed my perspective of life on earth.Quite honestly I'm 1 stubborn mule,Not even the world most influential woman - Oprah & her multiple attempts to glamorize going green have made real impact that this video has. I'm ashamed to be part of the species that single handedly destroyed what was given to us. The statistics shocked me. I was so upset I felt bad about having some Haagen Daz while watching it...seriously.

The movie is 90mins long, loads of disturbing stats,but let me put things in a dead simple term where you can imagine life not too long from now ...

1) In 40yrs, there will be no more fish ...that means no sweet juicy fancy pancy sushi,no crispy fish & chips,no filet - 0 - fish with that tangy mouth watering tar tar sauce, no piping hot soya sauce steamed grouper, no sizzling pan seared salmon. NO FISH!!!

2) Then we'll need to install fart nozzles on cows to ration their farts cuz the methane they are releasing is causing even more damage than CO2..n why do we have so much cow farts.. cuz we're raring way too much cows at the same time to meet demands!..remember those times when you have to ration your fart in the lift .. yea.."hold on to that thought while I move on"

3)Every mouth full of food you have in yours is taken out of somebody else's. Can you live with that? Great Famine! & only those who can afford will have food.. ARRGH can you live with that,you monsterrrr?!

I did a small experiment on my MSN title :" Msg me if you want a better future!" and I've had way much more "beeps" than Christmas. wait till you tell em.. planting a tree today will give you a better future... ".........."XXX is now offline" It's not easy to do good these days,It seems every1 is a teenager fogged by the cigarettes mentality. "doing the wrong is way cooler than the right. I've had to consciously stop my eyes from rolling away at ppl who don't care less about their own town. At the end of the day, I realise very few people want to face the music. Nevertheless I also realise barking around with frustration is not the way to go. So start small today.. sow a seed now.

Fortune favours the brave ...& the good -
"if you don't make money at least you feel rich at heart...i guess... cuz a certain crouching tigress & hidden dragon drop by our bar...!"
*Gleeeeeeeeaaaaming out*