Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recap of the Decade

This is the txt I sent to all my dearest friends. So, its the same to you too.
" Before the Christmas cheer diffuse into thin air like my morning fart, Have blessed Christmas & 2010. I don't mean to be late or rude, i know you know i love you!"

With a blink of many eyes,The new "it" word has change from Millennium bug to 2012. This morning, with the accompaniments of the thunderous monsoon storm. I woke up with a random thought hoovering above my head. "Why so much fear of the unknown?" Man kind seem to have survive & thrive for generations but the apocalyptic nonsense always creep up on us in the turn of every century. Strange huh?

From 16 to 26, I've lived to....

Meet some friends that have lasted a decade
Listened to some extraordinary musicians
Talked to some really amusingly weird & inspiring characters

Cant' wait to grow up
Wore some fuck- me pumps ( Excuse me.. its a passing
phase )
Got me some mind blowing nookie ( lets hope t
his ain't no passing phase )
Go through some gut wrenching break-ups
Seen the fall of my super mum

Accepted that my mum is only human
Hate the fact that its time to grow up
Met a great man
Met the great god who created the great man

Married the great man.
Moved to a town I really hated
Learn to love little slithers of paradise in this town
Worked for the best
Learned how difficult it can be to be the best
to see BERLIN & SWEDEN ( Love it, love it , love it! )

Worked with the great man who created a great jungle retreat
Seen 2 heck of a pandemic flu,a giant tsunami & hurricane.
grieve the lost of MJ by secretly trying to moonwalk on a soapy tub
Watch the rise of a new American power

Seen the weather go wonky
Fought for what i believed
served people good food & potion of intoxication


Yet I look back to the past 10yrs with great gratitude for god. A few close shave, a few deep cuts & lotsa good people have made me what I am today. I hope i'll never loose that quirky curiosity of a 9yr old as i brace myself like many others on the fast track to adulthood. There's never a better time to be alive.. ALIVEE! ROOOOAARRRRR!!

If you made it to this point, you have made a difference in my last decade.So Thankyou & Happy New Year!

PS : If you don't see ANTON with the babe Mobil..its prolly back in the workshop. Cant promise we'll get you to destination on time, but I can definitely promise you heck of a ride!

Every one had to give it a go. & Puks just couldn't wait to get in.

Even Puks tried to give it a go.