Monday, March 29, 2010

We are expanding

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We are expanding!! Adding some Duplex stilt houses.Past two months we've been rejecting way too many request.Anyways, Similarly we gonna let nature do its thing..minimal landscaping & cut down whatever we need to cut only. Its on an adjacent hill, much more private & exclusive neck of the woods. & the view...the view is just breath-taking. Cuz you get a close & unobstructed view of the nature reserve situated 50m or so.

Hoping to finish by June. So guest coming after june,be sure to ask about the new stilt houses.

All the single ladies/gentlemen.

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This is 1 of those entries that probably got nothing to do with Paganakandii...well if you count music an important part of your travels..then this entry cauld be relevant to you. I just discovered Jorge Drexler.An Uruguayan musician that made me feel like im threading on air. I just realise he did a track from my all time favourite movie " Motorcycle Diaries." So when i popped in the cd.. & it felt as if "Ting!" the lift doors slid open..& there he was, my long lost mi amor...the greasy haired foreign dude fantasy crush that .....- I think i should stop watching "Glee"

Its amazing how music can set you up in the right mood. Thanks to the world most ingenious fruit company - Apple. My itunes " genius '' helps me make better choices when shopping for music.Man! have you seen the wish-list they generate based on your existing playlist?

Anyways , I always thought music was a great mediator to self discovery, especially if you are curiously foraging undiscovered territories.Music is probably your best company. Imagine how a travel mate from hell can ruin everything. Just when you almost had had enough , they blow your toilet apart after a dreadful asian meal & give you a woops i didnt mean to do it smirk! & you my ... my ... fren..and every ounce of your romantic escapade is left to drown under the overcast of lingering curry fart.

For me its almost an out of body experience, when something really good comes on my ipod, coincedentaly matching whatever I was thinking to myself,it becomes as if I was watching myself thinking to myself as the music rolled along with percision like the movies... again i really should stop watching "Glee". But shouldn't everyone practice talking to themselves, Its amazing how little people know themselves these days.Having the time to do that, has become a luxury to everyone..which is why everyone should take selfish holidays. Go all out, let go & act like a lunatic.. just dont stay with us while you are at it!

So to tie my probably sensely rant back to Paganakandii & even though I did say dont stay with us.... Our Longhouse dormitory are great for precisely doing the above.Open up the window at the foot of your bunk bed,plug in some great music & float away in your sea of idiosycrasis.