Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eco Erotica

Wrote this on my Jone's the grocer serviettes - best coffee ever!
Since every1 is accused of sodomising sm1 or smt these days, I guess my felic perspective on a row of innocently lined trees should be acceptable. so here goes....

The rich emerald, she lays soft against a clean canvas of blue & white.
the wind carries a thousand notes of spice & dust,
Like the spritz of fresh cologne,
the air is filled with spicy hints of the bark.

My vision throws a bashfull walk up his masculine back
dressed in a creased cloak of wisdom ,
he tames the head of ebullient temptress into submission,
and they flutter in the delights of life.

The upturn green dress leap into a mid-air pirouette,
then light as silk, she slips into the cradling arms.
With each rise & fall of the wind,
they waltz to the rhythm of the summer breeze.

I've caught on their fervent vigor of life,
my limp wick - ALIGHTS!

.....See! who say trees cant be sexy!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 liner.

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Fresh bread , cold french butter,
A good book under the tall trees & somethingelse ''explicit'' - I can die now.

Bubbye world.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tidings of Blessings

Shouldn'e mario be wearing the official CNY colour - RED ?!
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Prelude : Our Swedish friends Tomas & Nina, drop by last week on a mission to get some holiday colour & see some rainforest. Well.. They got RAIN & then some forest. For 2-3days all we did was eat, talk & battle the stomach virus. They've flew off to Kuching chasing the sun..sorry David & Anna,we tried our best!(apparently no luck,last heard in Bangkok )

This is week 2,.. The rain have finally slow down. By now Tomas & Nina is probably happily frying themselves under the Bangkok sun. So Its time to dry those soggy feet, hang up those wellies & actually celebrate Chinese New Year. Woopie!

GONG HEI FATT CHOI! - In this simple common CNY greeting , It encompasses possibly the 2 most important values we chinese folks swear by. HEI ( Happiness ) & FATT ( PROSPERITY ). Since we also always equate the water element to CHOI ( Riches usually in the form of Gold Ingots ) With the flood & all I guess this is a good time to literally count the "tidings of blessing". For the record, I don't think they use this in mainland china, I think its gotto do with the migration & hardship, In search of better life & a better year somebody must've come up with this clever little four letter word. heee

But to me,Riches comes in all forms, This year it came to me in the form of family & friends. Because off the rain, I didn't lock myself down with work & tending the Bar..actually got a taste of what celebrating CNY without rushing off for work.SHweeet¬

I'll also be going home to see mum next week! I think its the constant baby talk from the people around me, I feel like I need some of those mum knows best even when she don't make sense kinda oxy-"moronic'' nonsense. Well I guess only adult daughters with a cuckoo mum will get what I mean. AHA! sorta like the classic - "Grey Gardens"

Also recently I found my long lost non-biological twin bro. With good-looks, great taste,intellect & constipated awkward nature to match. Feels great to have a sounding board,A lot of people dont realise its so important to have company of mutual admiration, Inspiring character who keeps you motivated. I've been playing Ping ........................ & yes, no Pong for too long. Sandakan aka Wysteria Lane is driving me up the wall,Ever since my dearie Michelle jacky chan nose left for Canada , its been a boring lonely walk. But I feel a sense of rejuvenation for the things im passionate about again! Pew Pew! Kapoww!

It's also really strange that people thinks the world of our marriage.I always thought everyone had a life-partner that they can talk to for hours. In fact sometimes I think we talk too much.But I finally realise we have something that's probably god- given & for that I'm grateful.
My boss/partner/husband/bestest friend is indeed quite a precious lil gift.

In a nutshell, If you've planned your holiday around CNY in search of some traditions & cultural fiesta this very wet monsoon, all is not lost! Because behind the sheepish mask of the red money packets, the lion dance ,the fire works, the gambling sessions, the open house parties, the crazy drinking session, the foood! glorious foood , the family gatherings, the endless string of candy & treats for the kiddies, the new clothes, the new shoes & the long line of taboos... Just like every other celebration , Its a celebration of UNION & LOVE

So have a Chubbby Bunny Year Dear All!

180hrs & still going

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