Friday, February 26, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth ( Pun absolutely intended )

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Our friend's in Sweden just told us the are suffering from the longest + coldest winter of the decade, Meanwhile here in Borneo, we are dry as a rag. No rain for the past 4weeks now.The weather forecast dude is saying we will be getting a short drought.

Anyways we took puks out to the new duplex site. for some reason he seem to be possessed by a pig! He just cauldnt stop sniffing, if we had truffles in the area.

Im home alone tonite..woohoo..i'd off all the lights, put on King's of convenience & maaann..its flowing in me.

I stumbled across a new perspective of earth.I was just walking around the compound,the streamers of light came through the foliage... & along came Mr happy bug. Strange creatures make me happy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Purging.

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I've got lotsa random thoughts flowing inside me tonight/2.30am in the morning.I feel the need to purge.So I crawled out from bed & wrote these things down.
I made a new friend, I made closer ties with some existing friends...I had a meaningful chinese new year, I want to go to Rome.. I want to check out King's of Convenience Live in KL..I want to put on a superman cape.. I think my whimsical alter ego is dying to get out. I think i might be losing my mind..I think I should stop reading weird literature,its planting weird seeds in my brains. I think maybe a cat woman body suit might work better than the superman cape.