Monday, July 30, 2007

Above it all

Imagine the serenity you'll find,sitting above the trees,
above the foliage and above the it all.

I need to get Waxed.

completed Long House ( Almost...)

Few days back I met an australian traveller during lunch,within hours,I think i've pretty much heard his whole life story. He rare racing dogs,horses,build 3 houses,sold loada tiles,hates G.W you know which bad Bush..and some other lusciously lipped celebrity who goes global shopping for kids.Pretty much got the Aussieness oozing from his pores.To cut the whole thing short,Its amazing talking to such characters only catch is you gotto pick sm1 of similiar calibre..He just goes on like chooo choo train.

We were talking about all sorta timber finishings,it occur to me the actuall biggest challenge of building/renovating something in Sandakan is the lack of finishing options.We have close to 20 hardware shops,every single one of them have the exact same thing the door next door got but none of em sell anything matte! You ask for wax they'll give you the loook as if they just received one. "HUH?!!" with their eyes wide popped! The china man mentality at this point is really annoying me. Why would you offer the exact same thing as the shop next door?

I really hope we can keep the walls as they are for now...Anyhow,keeping it short today,not very inspired to write.

Worker's hostel

Was talking to Fuzzi that day,he's gonna pop by for an internship with us during winter. Finally I get squeeze every single drop off his ingenuity for free!!all I gotto do is feed him and give him a whole to sleep in.It's a pretty good deal considering he's only trying to get away from the floods of blonde dutch chicks and the face tearing winter "breeze".
Can't wait to the part where we start filling the hostels with staff,yelling DING''!NEXT! if they look like a Jabba the HUTT.Yup,My decision to hire some1 totally depends on looks. cuz sex sells,Everybody wants to be surrounded by beautiful people.Plus what are the chances you'll yell at some puppies.
Besides getting a really bad "invisible sleeves" tannlines, I'm begining to smell like the workers.You know that fat boy (I've got nothin against chubbyness) fermented sugar mixed with sweatty armpits. Sometimes amidst the mid day heat,I take a peep into my colar,and take a good sniff to recomfirm my disbelief.Yea,can you imagine! The Diva,me! smelling like a fat boy with a strange tint of Moo'ness to it. Even Anton is beginning to smell funky. It's reall hardwork,we haven't got the long pinky nails,the curly hair nor the yellow gum boots,But we sure d0 smell like contractors.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

This is where we eat

This is where the reception/Dining area and bar is gonna be, Basement level have got a small extended deck cantilevered straight into the cliff,So great view is so gonna be PD's last name..Paganakandii Great View Sdn Bhd - see! it sounds so natural. hehe.So the Ground level, no mean literally, the ground level refers to the earthy bits on the right,That'll be the outdoor dining area,under a porch,which is not up yet. We'll build a second level for the communal / Tv room. where u can watch your news,play the X box,roll around the wooden floor..and the exciting list of actvities goes on.

Whilst entertaining the thought of painting the skeleton in Black,Check out this link,Im contemplating to switch my diet to raw fish,vinegered rice and tofu... cuz i reckoned thats what gave the Japs their strange but obviously very beautiful mind. Imagine seeing your yummy earwax on one of those black ear buds!they'll prolly look like theyr'e yelling HELLLO to u. Just talking about it makes me ears tingle in excitment. Haha by this point your'e prolly thinking im weird.... we'll that's cuz my grandfather is a Jappy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nipah Roof

Nipah Roof tiles

Honestly,..feeling kinda grogy tonite.Amuse yourselves with the pics till i get the bubble outta my head.
Oh 1 more thing... according to the Lonely Planet guide's funky comment; about how the Family hotel in town looked kNAKered had actually given us some decent attention..loada tourist actually find it intresting to stay at the NAK HOTEL..HA! TAKE THAT, LONELY PLANET!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Duplex Images

Tallest Duplex

Duplex with additional chilling space

Anton Moving Timber ..again~

Skylight in Living room

View from Bed side

Lake House Draft

Pondok : Small architecture to provide shade or housing.

Imagine,You got the ring in your pocket,you lead her amidst the foliage,along candle lit bridges, glistening lake waters,gentle breeze,rustling trees,cricket singing...peering through soft fluttering drapes,the private dinning deck above the lake.We got the dinner table set for 2, After a few drinks and lots *ehem kisses* you sit her down by the ledge,..toes dipping into the chilly moonlit waters,you pop the question! - NOW, tell me I gave you guys a sure win game plan!

Apart from such occasions,the private deck is the perfect location for friends to hold small partees as it fit up to 4pax,if your'e a buncha stick- insect supermodels perhaps 6 (I think Mars Bars and KFC are the greatest invention ever)..We're even contemplating to convert it into a private massage deck during the day.How sweet is that! getting a relaxing couple's massage amidst tall trees, easy breeze and glassy waters.

Building the deck was no easy task, even tho it was a reaally small house.With Uncle Jalil's cute litttle red boat,the crew wade their way out into the lake and jump straight off, Im quite sure they were probably wearing their loose & faded briefs ( thank god i wasn't there! ) According to Anton they litterally dive up and down to plant the pillars that holds the main structure...I was really amazed when they first told me how they plan to build this thing,... but now im more amused by their ability to hold their breath,carry a really heavy pillar,plant it in.. and live to tell the story. If u ever need pearl divers/abalone divers..

Whilst brainstorming how to fully utilise this exclusive location,The Crew had to make a huge blunder on the roof design!and now instead of a romantic private dinning deck or whatever we've got planned,I got a floating bus stop in the middle of the lake! They gotto fix it..sigh~

Then this really annoying looking black Pelican decide to chill in Jalil's lil red boat while the rest work their ass.unfortunately didn't manage to snap a pic of it. And the pic we have hear is miles away from ideal..we're workin it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Man behind the scenes : Far left Mali , Center Anton , Far Right Guru A.K.A Bomoh

Hyperventilate -verb to be afflicted with hyperventilation; breathe abnormally fast and deep

Titillating - verb ti-ti-lat·ing.
to excite or arouse agreeably: to titillate the fancy

I know,..I know.. been lil slack with the blog.Things are slowing down quite a bit,with materials and manpower shortages.Sorry guys,I know quite a few of you been planning to come down in August..good things are worth the wait aight..

10mins ago,I was talking to Miru...talking about her plans to come visit us soon.To my biggest horror, she sent me the link to one of our competitors and exclaimed excitedly " hey i found this pretty cool place,maybe i should stay there since you are not ready yet!" Crap, I was thrown into a real spin,imagine your head caught in between clashes of cymbals that's bigger than your mothers Chinese wok. Her comment had totally sent me into a tailspin of anxiety. Worst bit is, being the curious cat that I am,I did in fact click on that link.

As the butt ugly website distastefully flashes itself unto my dilated pupils, I simply couldn't resist clicking into d testimonial now im heaving thru a brown paper bag,and was absolutely disgusted by the really great testimonials they've received,everything I would like our future guest to say about our retreat.* silent long pause* "PLOp du du du du dut..." like a baseball, my head was on the table.

It might sound like some great drama to you,the anxiety and stress is absolutely for real thou.But its more so because I simply couldn't wait to meet some folks from other ends of this world,Part of why i really enjoyed working in Starbucks getting paid shit during my college years, was meeting these ppl from all walks of life in all sorts of form. Sharing the utmost redundant meaningless conversation such as questioning the comforts of wearing red undies over spandex suit, "Superman sure is Hot!..But i really doubt the suffocated "lunchbox" set feels sexy in there..would i but anyhow~

Screening these lil magnified episodes of dramas on this blog,somehow really does keep me going. and checking out the competitors website still gives me the creeps and nauseating discomfort..nevertheless, it pushes us to think more deeply into creating differential points,and creative unique selling points.