Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 + 1 = 3

Week 3 - Hymm,.. Im late...
Week 4 - Ok lets buy a test kit,I know its wrong, but the excitement was more like a teenager after some forbidden
pre-marital sex..Oh C'mon,dont judge me... nobody keeps their virginity these days! - Negative.

- Interlude - Urshering the Year of the Dragon, Fire works, parties, drinks, didnt feel like touching my usual favourites.

Week 5 - Blotching ,.. yEaay grandaunt is here..oh stoped ( I later found out its called implantation bleeding)
Week 6 - Lets buy another test kit this time hospital quality. peeeeeeeeeeee. * pee * peee * peeee* ( sorry im very visual in my writtings. - Positive.
Week 8 - we see the lil guy/gal ,tiny about 1-2cm. somewhere in the fuzzy screen wa
s a blip thats going a thousand miles an hour.

- Interlude 2 - Fish & almost everythingelse on the dinner table smells like dead corpse, I've turn into a fart machine, my boobs feel & starts to take the form of sm mammalia udders, & all i want to do is a needy bag of hormones.

Week 12 - Present. Yesterday, we had another ultra sound scan, It was full of life,like the galloping of a thousand wild horses, the little blip have grown into a strong steady drumroll. Wriggling in me, with a firmly clenched fist the baby waved like a rapper going "Yo! Yo! SUpp dawg?!" - so i guess "the dawg's cools yo!" is my answer to the amazing gift
we now call our child aka bb.

So I guess IM PREGNANT folks!!! The addition to our international fa
mily is due late Sept. If you are visiting end of the year we'll definately introduce you to the new boss & village head.Will keep everyone post.
See! bright white spec near the mouth going yo! yo!!