Sunday, July 24, 2011

The justification of "Club 27"

Another amazing artist who make me bob my head like a cuckoo bird while typing is dead! which cuts my quirky music selection this much shorter. On such days I really just wanna punch a hole in my car radio.

"God, if you give Amy back to us, we'll give you Bieber & all 1.6 mill of his fans.'' - michelle lim.

A sure sign of a great artist is some one who can pull off a simple no frills, 4-6 chords, unplug session & making it just so painfully..painfully good. There's an alluring sense of darkness about her, from the smoky quality in her non-20th century voice, her confused outfit of choice, to her butt ugly ..sorry unconventional features. All good artist,from actors,singers,dancers to photographers.. have got what I call "Ostrich balls" - I mean have you seen the size of an ostrich egg!? do you know how much sperm it takes to fertilize that!? anyways yea,,, only ginormous GoNADs & guts can take you down the road less travel,in the likes of Corbain & Kravitz, Winehouse did not make it back.

Im sure you've heard choreographers,orchestra meastro's yelling " let it go ! just let it go!'' - now THAT's the nudge into the road less travel, where you no longer rely on technical know how and surrender all of your being to an intrinsic instinct. I dont know if its actually a good idea to be so real. It seems you loose footing in reality after awhile.. sorta like Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan..going bonkers!

Isnt' it strange how people get addicted to pain, Pain was design to be a warning signal.. Its quite tricky trying to pen this down.. I understand what it is emotionally.. but cant seem to term it correctly. In a nutshell people with the guts to feel every ounce of joy,sorrow,lust & pain around them look at the world from a very different perspective.

Im just sad that everyone seem to be digging out her drunk,drugged up acts & re-posting all over fb. Why am I even friend's with such idiots?! anyways...RIP Amy Winehouse.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yellow Fever

For the first time in a long time I feel proud to be a Malaysian again.When you spend most of your life in foreign country, You almost forget where home really is & what it actually means to be part of a nation. I hardly take notice of what I was about to lose.

Its so easy to take things for granted, Sometimes we look over the "charade" thats happening on the other side of Malaysia & almost feel indifferent. As though its another scene from Cambodia,Myanmar.

Power came in a form of a one legged patriot, clad skimply in a pair of clutches & a yellow T.he marched on with such fervour & conviction it brought a tear to my eye. Such courage & determination that puts all of us sittin in our well air-conditioned rooms in shame.

Today I realise, even if I lose everything, I can pick up a fist full of soil & still claim ownership. Im deeply moved & inspired by those who fought for our rights today.

Good night folks.

If you are curious -
or search youtube clips bersih2.0

Friday, July 1, 2011


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Few days ago the SESB (local power co ) transformer in our area exploded.. apparently it was caused by a snake..which by now have blown into sushi size bits across the road.We had a bit of power cut. But luckily nothing major. We didnt manage to take pics of the crime scene but i did find a possible reason online. heh