Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whatt? More gift?!

A gift from Camilla Bottke who works for LEGO..How cool is that!?? I always thought they had little lego man making other lego man & plane & cars & police station & eiffle tower & all other sorts. didnt know they actually hired actuall man to make em lego man. BIG THANKS Camilla. sorry we missed you as well! 

Invasion of the Koala troopers

Adira '': hymmm for munching or throwing''
Koala 1 :" Aww look at that face, can we please be nice to her''
Koala 2 : ''She smeellls like eucalyptussssssssssss'' 
Koala 3 : "She's a chubbbyy eucalyptusssss puddinnngggg''
Koala 4 : '' I've got a plan!"

5 minutes later 

     Adira : " Mummy, what are they doing to me?!''

           Adira : "AAAAAh! they are nibbling my chubbers"

 Big Thankyou Jennie Herbertson & family for the wonderful gift from Downunder.