Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Incccy Winccccy Spiderrr Climbing Up the wall........

Picture updates

Yesssa,..the long awaited tanning deck is ready.Lubbin it! Though the weather was moody that day when we took these shots..but I bettcha on a sunny day,Getting yourselv fried till golden brown under the Borneon sun is an absolute understatement. You Italians probably dont stop till your skin is nicely carbonized.- Exactly the same way I like my porkchops!

All we need is some nice cushions and day beds,.Dang I'll have my piece of Ibiza glam.I mean who need beaches when you can sip your Mojitos by they rainforest canopy!If only Banana Boat sold SPF45 infused insect repellant.
The glitz n glam aside,today I've got that weird twitch.The kind you get when you see something wt great potential and worry it may flop..the same kind you get before gorgeous looking Ms Venezuela Trips and rolls down the steps.We're plannin the bbq menus and buying equipment as well..all the browsing at recipe makes me hungry.Grr im such carnivore, the deprevetion of juicy succulent ( i like mine not too bloody ) steak is driving me nuts! GRRRR WRRRr !!

Its going up today

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Today is the day! While im typing this in my ohh soo cooling air-conditioned room,Anton and crew is digging in 30+degree hot sun to erect our first signage..if you squint your eyes enough..i think our hornbill aint that shabby!

Monday, March 10, 2008

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Man all the painting we've been doing this past 2 weeks hav paid off,I lubb it!I've only got 1 more signage and 2 birds to finish. *Plopps head on the table like a basket ball.*
Here's the all new Lake house. I recconned it look less like a bus stop now.aint it? Ohh btw there's a resident baby python around 3ft long that loves hanging out under this shade,There's been 3 sightings already.Everytime we jab it awake,'ll leap right into the water and u get a long trail of bubbles..blubb blub blub.. Im calling him/her Boostoot - after a stray dog in my ex company back in Singapore..just cause it bears the resemblance..a mix of whimsical annoyingness that dog had.Wookie cutesifying a snake aside,..lets hope mama dont come hissing about!
Such discoverries are actually the most exciting part of this project.When you start piecing together the entire food chain within this environment together..You get that same hi of a kid in science class again. Add A into B BOOOOMM! I've seen a dead fish on my hill top(I assume the eagle droped it as a welcome pressie.)mini white owl,a red breasted green bird that sings like the ambulance siren and Boostoot the snake.Not forgetting lotsa giant spiders with glowing legs. YESSA show me moree you sexxxy mother natuuaaaarreee thiingggy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

View From Watch Towers

I must admit, the climb up the towers was a lil precarious.We will probably add more structure reinforcement and ladder handles. But the view..OMG.the View!Initially I really didn't like the way these towers stuck out like sore thumbs..and Anton's idea duo level water collection points meant we need a really solid tower.But once I got on top of the towers,the view was absolutely louder than words. Im not in the mood for a lengthy entry.till next time folks!