Sunday, June 17, 2007


Im actually dying to take a piss after me double tall latte in starbucks,but I really need to get this out of my system too...*legs tightly crossed*

Initially i was hoping my short trip back to Johor will give me the much needed breather..well,apparently not if your going back to mum's. Sometimes I really don't know if she's in her normally weird mode or if she's really acting weEEird. Its really complicated,I don't want to go there,..but bottom line is you know mothers,they really know where your Achilles Ankles are.Even thou they might not sound sane, they still have the ability to make you twitch... well it varies from a "twitch" to "bitch fit" or worst of all is when they total you with a deadly "stroke!".

Apart from getting the usual complaints of I'm too far away and your not ready to handle the oh so big big world,this time she gave me the "you're too emotional to be a leader"lecture

To cut the whole ordeal short,amidst the whirlwind of mess,loneliness, disillusionment and discourageousness( Ha! i don't even know if the word exist) I've decided to plunge my head,heart,soul,toes into creating more great holiday escapades .Which is way I've decided to post these private moments on the blog...u know.. just for the record kinda thing...just in case I chicken out again - NOT!

" Today we will do what we do everyday.."
Quote Brain from Pinky and the Brain

The Axe Fairy

Now you see him............

Now you dont!

hehe,we're banking on the Axe fairy to help us catch the deadline.

Sweet beats of the forest

Few days ago,I visited the busy construction site.While busy figuring out how to use the bloody SLR camera - of course trying very hard not to drop Anton's expensive toy..,I got quite attuned to the beats and shuffles created by the busy workers..Wood Sawing,Hammers Beating,Trees rustling,Imagine a STOMP! act. For a split second,It just felt really gratifying. I mean dough aside..

It pretty much sounded like people working hard to piece your vision together. I guess that's the true value and magic of handmade products.Technically speaking Paganakandii is almost 100% handmade.With literally alot of real blood and sweat put into it. - erm and some dead fingers and toes ,tell u man,..its no fun when your nails break open from the impact of free falling timber.

Both of us are prolly what u call music junkies,who listen to all sort of shit,..except i hate the mornin radio.We're like the epitome of people who bob heads and snap fingers while drivin,well cuz we attempt to do the samba and hip snaps on the driving seat. * HA! bet u haven't done that before* I've always adore concept of great music outdoors,while checkin out youtube and entertaining the thought of having our own Rainforest Music fest .. these are some of the folks who'll go well on the greens.

Hello Saferide feat Firefox AK - Long Lost Penpal

Wicked Aura Batucada

Thirsty Merc - 20 Good Reasons - Piano Acoustic

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recycled Flooring

This is basically where most recycled wood from Happy estate is gonna get a second life.We're begining to appreaciate the material more each day,Its amazing how a little *CPR* - Chop,Plane,Revarnishing can bring em back to its former fully functional glory.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainforest Discovery Center - Part 1

I must admit, I've left this window open for the past 20min.. just to check out how Victoria Beckham carries her sassy new bob.Recently snipped my old curls and got myself a bad mop..*fine! bob.* the ordeal have been so disturbing that I kept having nightmares bout some guy behind me in the cinema seat going "dude,your mop is blocking my view !" .. sigh~

So back to this...The Rainforest Discover & Research Center had an open house last Saturday,We made a trip smack in the mid day heat,hoping we could get some tips on breeding glowing orchids and possibly even get some free seedlings.Hehe I know im oozing with "MakcikNESS" these days.

We saw lots of bugs,butterflies, trees,timber samples,fruit trees and weird traditional tribal herbs, I think Chinese herbs still top the list tho~If mum was here, she prolly go crazy and start blurting a long list of remedies using god knows what funky greens.

However there were these little tags that made my toes tingle...I do that when im annoyed.
it says *Armsghohgdo(Scientific name)* - to heal eyes and good for lung. - good for lung ...WHAT?!! Lung cancer?Lung Infection?Lung What? I hate it when people leave me on a disappointing high note.

Dr Arthur Chung,a family friend who works in the Entomology department. showed us his extensive collection of bugs.Apparently he got it from his dad.. If my boy showed interest in catching butterflies i'd be quite worried about his sexual orientation.But alls well,Arthur is as manly as any man can be - imagine spongebob and his jelly fishing gear and you get Arthur. The collection was really pretty,perhaps one day i'll use the patterns and colors as an inspiration for print making.He even gave us a peek at these Rafflesia ,The biggest,
ugliest,smelliest flower in the world.Unfortunately not so perky and happy in the preservation spirits.Then He went on to make sentences full of unpronounceable scientific terms about the process but all I could think about is "FWAAHH RAFFLESIA VODKA SHOTS" that must be DEE most potent stuff!

But the absolute bestest part was the wood library..This little room packed with thousands of cut specimens, .All the different local timbers most of them still wrap up in by the original tree bark like real booklets with a book cover! Unfortunately they were all tagged with scientific terms,and I only know Tectonis Grandis which is Teak. Emotionally you get the same calmness as shopping in a bookstore,Naturally running the fingers along the barks,the eyes tracing an enormous variety of textures and grains. Add all that with a distinctive mixed of earthy scent and dust and you get a nostalgicIsh romantic kinda thingy.

Moving along..In the seed collection and cultivation center.First i learnt whats Diptocarp - a group of trees that has got seeds that floats away from the mother tree.Then we found out how Belian seedlings look like,..its like a freaggin Avocado.Big seeds makes big trees.The RDC gives away seedlings to plantation owners for reforestation.she mentioned some highly valued seedlings can fetch up to 500USD per Kilogram..particularly this timber that's made into incense - which is banned for export.The cynist in me tried really hard to hide the wry smile in the corner of lips,I mean for all you know the govt. bodies are the real puppet master! But as of now all i gotto say bout this whole illegally logging & exporting scene is "quote Ms Farah Azizan,our Architect - STOP RAPING THE FOREST PEOPLE!"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Old mcdonald had an organic farm

Long House on the right and Mini me on the left Longhouse 2nd floor

Even thou I feel pretty indifferent about organic fruits and veggies,It only seems natural to offer our guest with good food.When you have fresh ingredients,you really dont need to do much with it. (hahah yes I do watch Jamie Oliver quite often) Like any true getaway or retreat,Fresh food,Fresh air will definately satisfy that fix your'e looking for.and and some Kampung "YEAYYYY i finally get my own herb garden,n somebodyelse is doing the dirty job for me!"
Hence we set out to look for that perfect spot of land that'l be big enough for
1) My herb garden
2) Mini Corn Feilds
3) Veggies,Aubergines,Tomatoes,Tapioca
4) Chickens..
5)Herree fishie fishie

Friday, June 1, 2007

Productive Procrastination

The duplex looks like mini meee long house

Im suppose to be doing something else, But I figured updating the blog is a pretty productive way to procrastinate..
The crew is slowing down a bit because we've ran out of materials only till recently, plus its been raining quite a bit.Nevertheless they've start cracking on the Duplexes while we crack our heads on sorting out the communal toilet.