Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Estate

I’m in a queer, uneasy, random & odd mood. Ant’s gone fishing while I’m left behind to man the fort. Usually the rantings comes with an easy flow as soon as I click open the blog. But for the past few weeks I feel this strange verbal & thought constipation.

I blame it on the work load. Whilst im trying my best to keep to deadlines , Im also consciously procrastinating a lot…& obviously I know the consequences. As if I’m waiting for shit to hit the fan, I manage to catch long breeezy afternoon naps on the hammock hanging in communal hall hehehe. – Hey gotto put myself in customer’s shoes once in awhile to provide better service eh

Anyhow we finally manage to move the old signpost from the original Happy Estate and transferred it to the Retreat. We thought it would make much better sense and amuse a lot more people at the retreat rather than the original location .. watching tractors move in and tear the whole plantation apart. Most of the recycle wood we used at the retreat is also from an old barn house from the original Happy Estate…scroll down to see how we almost burn the barn house down

Every time I drive by it, In my animated little world ,I would scream – “ YOU CAN TAKE MY BODY BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE MY SOUL!!’’ and think to myself Yeeessah the Happy Estate legacy will live on.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Village Head

"BAH" - The Sabahan version of "LAH"used by local & singaporean chinese.Used to exagerate or exclaimate a point being made earlier in the sentence.The pitch usually determine a spectrum voice tone - endearing,rude,condecending,CONFUSING LAH!

I had to man the fort while He's gone fishing.I must say its a pretty tough job. From driving people around to being under that humid jungly air all day. Apart from meeting really interesting folks,I guess its not that fun afterall. So,I've decided Anton deserves a "Tribute" entry in our blog. & for once let him take due credits.So here goes .....

I remember a friend of mine use to say "I dont work for ugly people!" & her boss, totally bought her over through & through..sign sealed delivered with a giant neon sign on her head blinking "chief slave". Or as we call em in Starbucks term, "A convinced partner".But today I finally understood what a great leader Ant is.

As I read through the fine prints of the new & improved webpg - Which took forever to finish!I was glad he took his time to think through & pen down his ideals for Paganakandii. Coming from a Dysfuntional, Money craze & mentally imbalance family,Nothing spells security more than a blanket full of cash!Some days the hippy in me just aint' sober enough to fight for my ideals & I get lost chasing the dough.

Apart from being a hardworking borderlining workaholic man, He's the only boss i've never called an idiot. Hey you know most emplyees thinks their bosses are idiots at one point or another but most employers thinks their employees are idiots most of the time.. so im glad im a boss now. HA! Working up there is back-breaking & armpit drowning.Cuz the humidity on a bad day is enough to suffocate your brains.

To spare everyone the nitty gritty details of the "Lewinskyness" ooozing out of me, bottom line is I wont mind being this guy's chief slave with 2 blinking neon lights for a bit..erm just for a bit BAAAHH!~