Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Adira Ngui Siew Jinn

I know some of you might be waiting to meet us, We apologize for the disappearing act, however it is with good.. no great reason. Because the baby is here!!!!

At week 30, I flew to KL to prepare for the arrival of our first baby, Unfortunately we found out that I had some placenta complications & every week it would deteriorate much faster then it should. On the  10/8, with a small bag of clothes Anton came over thinking it was going to be a quick weekend trip to check on me, and then doc drop the bomb on us! he decided it is no longer safe for her to stay in &  we would have a C sect tomorrow! On the 11th of Aug 2012 1pm, weighing at only 1.9kg, The little missy made it loud & clear that she wasnt' a happy camper..because of her low birth weight, she was immediately placed in an oxygen box in the NICU to help her breath. over the next 48hours her condition would deteriorate as her immature lungs collapse, at about 2.30am we both received news that she will have to be put on the ventilator & the machine will have to completely take over her breathing & I felt the inevitable doom, like she was slipping away from us. As I lay immobilized & helpless post surgery, I would jump awake as soon as I hear the sound of nurses/ doctors pacing in, fearful of more bad news.

With lots of tears & prayers, over the next few intensely trying days, she would make baby steps literally,everyday they would decrease the oxygen percentage & see if she could breath on her own, we would clear different test & scans, nurses would feed her  a bit more through a tube. In fact she's build quite a reputation with the nurses for being a feisty munchkin, since very often she would attempt to pull the tubes off & give them the stare down from the corner of her slitty beady eyes. After 10days in NICU she was finally out of the woods & ready to come home with us.We are truely blessed with a great team of Nurses/Doctors/even the hospital janitor!! ..

I really want to share the details of our experience, but my sleep deprived brains is not this would have to do for now. Meanwhile thankyou for the encouraging messages, emails.. kept me sane for the longest 10days of my life.

So every one meet our Petit Four, dubbed the chili padi (birds eye chili) - Little Miss Adira Ngui Siew Jinn.

Day 2, CPAP machine ..looking very strained
Delivering precious droplets of collustrum
3 cheers for mummy..milk is in!!!
Day 8, after ventilator, back to CPAP then Oxygen box .Crazy big diapers.
Late night delivery of goods.