Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food for thought!

BRrr,What a ironic title, the thought of food literally makes me puke!
Both ant & myself caught a pretty bad stomach virus,was all curled up in painful pangs & sore joints for the past 2 nights. Ant suspect he ate traces of bird poop after wiping it off his forehead few days ago..haahaa but I can't seem to pin point down what's the cause of my case.

So anyways just when we thought we're doing better we decided to watch the Oscar winning docu film about the horrifying annual dolphin slaughtering in the hidden cove of Taiji, Japan.

Mental note to self :" never read/watch/listen/converse thought provoking materials before bed!"

The entire creative direction, cinematography & concept was ingenious. Oscar well deserved! way better than inconvenience truth. However on the contrary to most viewer's reaction, I actually understand & accept the brutality, the greed , the much propagated silly Asian pride & evilness of men ( is there even such a word that measures the degree of evil?evil is just evil right?anyways eviiillllneeess). The revelation of how little "in terms of physical action" I have done for the world that I once believed kept spinning in my head as I toss & turn all night.

Like Ric O'Berry said
" you are either an activist or you are inactive"

At some point in life, all of us die to melt into mainstream society, Everyone gets caught up in building a perfect little world encase with convenience, comforts. The amazingly effective emotional censorship board within filters out any brutal truth that becomes unbearable to us. That's when you hear classic excuses "oh what can I do about it? .. nobody is going to listen to my little unimportant voice.' yea i've seen it...buuhoo poor dolphins,period.'' - WRONG! people are just so fuking lazy nowadays. nobody wants to fight for what they believe. probably held back by the fear of rejection more than anything. I'm sure I'm not the only person in distraught watching those clear emerald lagoons turn blood red?

So this is my attempt to give you a perspective from a freedom fighting minority - dubbed "the eco terrorist " by the ILLEGAL mind u WHALERS.
there's a good old Chinese saying that briefly translates something like this -
Jin Zhu Zhe Chi, Jin Mo Zhe Hei: Near Vermilion, One Gets Stained Red; Near Ink, One Gets Stained Black. well hopefully in this case Near Anton & Linn, One gets stained green.

Like all culture, it all builds from a single thread of information, that information then reverberates through the vines of communication, in all shape & form. you accept & become what you are expose to. In the simplest possible term, all i'm trying to drive home is this -Always be of good influence to others, because at any point if you ever condone the practice of being "inactive" consciously or not, you are part of why the problem gets bigger.

2 years ago, earth hour. we screened another great docu-movie entitled HOME at our Roof Garden Bar, people were yawning left & right.Some personal friends actually even started making fun of certain scenes because they were so bored & uninterested in the message. I was so carried away looking for validation from our customers , I actually lost the plot. 2 years later same friends txt me a reminder to off the lights .. that's when I realize, it was a job well done after all!

I'm not saying we should all take drastic measures like hugging a falling tree, or physically fighting off those buff lumberjacks - in fact, you can leave that to the crazy hard core Americans. But we can all take a baby step by not brushing the inconvenience truth away, by spreading the word, by educating ourselves & the people around us, by changing the way we live, stop feeling luke warm about life, stop being an "in-activist" today!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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sleepless in Seaa..dakan

Im so tired i cant sleep, loooooong week. busted generator,busted tyres, busted morale,busted when its all sorted I feel...ermmmm weary, yea weary its the word. I've ruled out mid-life crisis, menopause, love-sick.

Its weird, I've been up searching for good sourdough bread recipes to the company of some really strange sounds like ( Oh Land , ,Jose Gonzales , Calvin Harris- oh but this 1 I LIKE & its not weird...somebody actually left this comment " I RAPED THE REPLAY BUTTON" hahahaa its that good!

a peep in my head will reveal the below, weird & weary is such an understatement.
1) I need 1 of those over-tanned trolls with neon pink/green back-to-the-future hair & stick my pencil up its ass.
2) I'm deprive of good gigs & fun parties.
3) Man,, bjork looks dam old...oh yea she's from planet earth too!

peace out folks!