Monday, August 1, 2011


Before I even had time to promote it on the blog, its all done & dusted. The turn out was great,a mix of friends, tourist, locals. I feel like an over-soaked sponge dripping with info. Every night,despite mulling through a long sweaty day, Anton & I have a hard time getting over the buzz as we lay in bed with our pinkies twirled into the weeeee hours.

Great big shout out to Chris Chong, Ikhwan Rivai, Inanc Tekguc,Harun Rahman, Roger Munns Yasmin & Ekonights gang,Wong..what a humbling expererience to have professionals of their calibre to believe in our vision, Thankyou for dedicating your lives to telling somebody else's stories. Roger Wang, Hezekiah Asim, Kalina his lovely wife who literally moved liked the birds of borneo, Angelina Perete, Amir Yusoff for anointing our little festival with great fun & inspiring music. Agnes,Cede, Holly, Helen & Harry, Wendell, Rozie & my dearest Anton - I know I bitch alot about work..heheh but you guys were awesome to work with. Lastly all my friend's who came to support even though I know u didnt want to watch the films :0( - they seemed more intrested in raiding my Nacho stands.But it sure feels like we've won an oscar!

What an inspiring weekend! WOopie.