Thursday, May 19, 2011

Help me to help you!

Something weird & creepy is happening to my awfully stretched mind - I was looking for some good music & stumbled upon " Nobody but You'' by the wondergirls - acoustic version. ( If you haven't' heard of em - u must be living under the little rocks under the big rock im currently residing under ) anyways that's not the weird part.. the weird part is I actually clicked on it.. & was hooked! like keep looking for better repertoire of the same acoustic relay HOOKED! - first of all, I find pop revolting. Secondly, this is 1 of those songs that perpetually raped all the charts,clubs & possibly all korean restaurants for a Long looong loooongggg time. But I guess the catchy beats are simply too infectious.So im belting out " I want nobody nobody nobody nobody " while typing this.

Personalized service really takes 2 hands to clap.Yours & mine. Nooooo, just because you are paying for a service, doesn't mean you can act like a total smarty pants!( Needed the help of a good thesaurus to tone down the angst ) The fact is nice people get great service & no spit in their meals, & mean people..well you cant blame people for not wanting to be nice to you? Off course there's a vending machine who treats everybody equally. Even then, there are days when a machine is simply not reliable. So what you gonna do about it? give us a kick too?

You'll be surprise how evil some people can be. I understand impatience, ignorance,.. but superiority complex is something I refuse to accept. They snicker & make fun at my employee, making complains about virtually everything just to get a discount, call service staff names ..We do get people from all walks of life.

At the end of the day we are all humans, all it takes is an open conversation. we are all here to make your holiday a good one, Why spoil the fun for yourself ? mistakes are usually caused by minor misunderstandings. All we really want is to make your holiday here a memorable one. Off course we are saying this with the pre-requisite of a sincere team of service staff.When people show appreciation for what we do it make us feel good too, in return you encourage the service industry to flourish as individuals push themselves harder to please others.. so isn't' that good for all patrons?

But off course there's always professionalism - That's when you really feel like stabbing the sad bastard in the eye but all you manage was attempting a MEGAWATT smile causing temporary blindness instead.. I think Roses & Jo is probably way better in this department than me, that's why we keep em upfront.with all that said,The ones who deserves a kick in the butt, by all means! anyways night folks~

Disclaimer : PAGANAKANDII do not practice or condone spitting in meals, but we do occasionally employ the help of - "the ninja assassin chubba wubba black squirel"...PEW PEW KAPOW!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Angry Bird Pomplamoose

This video reeks of my sentiment exact! So long folks i need to go crash into something..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keven the half naked photographer

Everyone, this is Keven. - welll his muscular back to be precise.
He's an amazing photographer. Took a few really nice shots of our duplexes,
pity I didnt get to meet the face infront of this back.
more of his works here -