Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open House

Just like all other Chinese businessmen,..We always have an "open house" event before the official opening.. To us it's like a kick start to the engine.You know~..get the Human "Chii" flowing,for prosperity sake and that whole load of chinky china man bull. What's not for 'prosperity' in the Chinese culture anyways?!

Anyhow,Anton threw a lil party to thank our suppliers + contractors. The Crew gave 110% to the finish line.Thank god for sending us good helpers like Roses even tho I still feel like strangling her sometimes. Despite the back breaking 3day of mad action,we all manage glee away like proud owners do.

So far comments
about the place have been good..Off course,these guys prolly exaggerated a bit cuz I bet they've never seen such a hardworking man like Anton - Good Job Partner *Pats on the head*

Yup,the toast is crisp and the butter's spread.Cant wait to take a good bite and roll in some dough!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


you know why cameleons are sooo dam good at their job??..
try looking f
or it in this picture.

Saw this lil guy bobbin its head and enlarging his throat when i bum into it outside our conference room area.It can only mean a few things in the jungle world..1) He want to eat me 2) He's real turned on by me. Yup Sex and food fills 24/7 of their life.

Monday, July 7, 2008


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Shittzeerr, I cant believe its been 4 months of slacking or otherwise burning my attention for Balin - our roof garden project. will be updating those soon too..

Anyways..Its a gloomy day out there,so much has gone by the past 4 months,we've got additions of mattresses,grass,generator,conference hall,bamboo,creepers,snakes,Eagle poop...yea how often u get to see that.He was well she was...well HE, was chillin on our freshly plopped grass patch while I struggled my way up hill.Made a loud squawk and flew off as soon as he noticed me.I think i might have traumatized the big bird cuz found wet poop patch right where he was landing...well' that's a party "pooper" - pun intended for those of you who had high hopes/respect for the majestic bird.Imagine *SSSQQQUUAAWWKK brrraaffttt*

Phew that feels better,Sorry guys, Im having a bad day needed smt to amuse myself the bird pooopin..welll it's "crap" talk haha literally.But the eagle drying its wings on our new grass is true.Ohh and the loud Squawwk.

On a lazy day like this,..image speaks a million more than usual...

to the god mother's of our baby,Farah & Nina.. thankyou guys again.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Captain Jack Sparrowl

First laid eyes on Captain Jack Sparrowl few months ago, We saw him perched on a tree branch at the sculptor's home.At first look I tot he was only sleeping.. but on a closer look, the SPCA"ness" in my blood cant help but cry for freedom for the poor bird.Story goes, Capt.been feasting on the sculptor's lil chicks,sculptor got angry,sculptor got catapault and catapault got Capt. eye,Capt fell from tree. And now what do we have?.. 1 one eyed + 1 Legged pirate bird. The kids just ruffle and play with like dog.We are still negotiating a price to buy the owl over,Keep at the retreat.He'll solve our field mice problems.I MUST SAVE CAPT.!