Friday, April 23, 2010

This aint' no punk'd on april's fool

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On the 1st of april, Around 5.45pm I received a call from Anton saying " There's been an accident." & instantly I thought Oh no,are you ok? where are you now & blah..then he continued. "I ran over puk puk". & my heart just sank'd. The world stopped & I thought to myself.. its ok he is just a pet ,.. he is just a pet. we can get me a new pet. As the rest of the conversation unfurl itself nervously, It seems he'd survived..except he was lifeless from the waste down. I quickly rushed home, he was in the pen, his lower back n legs flat out, he looked like chubby seal.

To cut the long story short, He survived a multiple pelvic fracture,fermur breakages,a closely meeting spinal cord, 2 uncomfortable man handled x-ray sessions,a 5hrs bumpy car ride anesthesia via IV drip ( Usually pugs dont do well in this department.) Waking up with a strange pin stuck up near his butt, 3days of stuffy hospital ward full of other strange broken dogs. Pooping 4days worth of shit in 1 go with us holding his back up & 3weeks of serious boredom in compound.

My pug is not just a pet, he is a robocop pug! with pins sticking outta his teeny weeny frame he is now able to walk,pee , poop, attempt to steal food after 3 weeks. Most dog his size would've been smothered or at least paralysed. So I guess life is a box of chocolate,you never know which puppy you picked from a litter will change the way you live.

I guess you guys wont be seeing him at the retreat till end of this year or so.HE WILL WALK AGAIN! keeping our fingers & paws crossed.