Tuesday, March 10, 2009

15hrs day

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Xien Ka Lin - Direct translation the dickhead fairy, used to describe people who know nuts and act as if they're connoisseurs of so n so. and i hate that my name actually means Dick in Hakka. there you go, thanks dad! He's Hakka too,perhaps he wanted a dick so badly after my sis was born he'd secretly hidden the riddle in mine.
I had a long day ... long looong loong loooongg day.Haven't been in the best of moods to write & I'm absolutely burnt.I'm working long and unproductive hours.But I recon my mind needs to wind down after that 15hrs of spinning in a million directions & getting nowhere.

With a blink of an eye, its been almost 6mths since we open.Not a single complaint nor moan of any short comings. & thats a record we've gotto be proud of. Nobody is complaining and acting like the typical Sandakanite "Xien Ka Lin". And the whole global family of globe trekkers is finally coming through. No complaints about hymm your tap beer taste too strong then too soft other days, Oh your Cabernet Sauv (KABOR - NET to them)..is not chilled - DUH! and the classic"kest" as in best"est" ever was your tuna/steak is under cooked. All in all I really understood why Anton have been so fired up cuz all he got was great comments & lots of referrals daily while I was toiling soil from the wrong side of the grass. - no, the grass is not always greener on the other side.
Some days god drops inspiring characters along the way to keep your fire burning. People who genuinely appreciate what we've done.Even though Im somewhat behind the scenes of Paganakandii. I try to suck in all that positive juices every time i flip our guestbook & remind myself this is why its worth having a 15hrs day. - I call it borrowing morale.

anyhow at the end of today i've decided I cant please everyone. we just gotto stick to our guns.If anyone ask me 1 more time why our lodge is not heavily drenched in lacquer, I'll tell em to go wrap their face in a cling film n lets see how long you'll preserve the beauty that was there all along! - nvm "Xien Ka Lins" prolly thinks with their "Lins"