Thursday, February 28, 2008

So this is where they are hiding

We've also been working on our signage,Im not a die - hard craft lover..but i guess,like every designer,I like the mess once in awhile..its actually quite therapuethic.Gives u space to space out,know what i mean?At least this is alot more fun as compared to making 27lamp shades! So we printed out a template and got cracking so instead of getting hi on glue, this time round we both got stiffies! neck lah!

There are certain stigmas to the local foreign community..People always say the "local philipinos" has got the better skills but you'll find them tricky to handle, the Bugis people are bussiness minded but hasn't got the skills.But Chinese are the ones you gotto look out for,they will slit your throat n juice you dry if yer of any use..Im thinking every1 is just trying to find the shortest time and easiest way to make a decent buck. This past year, Anton with a lil help from Uncle Jalil,we've manage to snif out quite a few local hidden talents, From Carpenter to Wood craftsmen,Cement sculpter to Rattan/Bamboo Weaving.So,As a true yellow(blue) chinese,I gotto say I really love working to with these guys..Finding the source,not only help us save cost,We cauld probably build another using them.Gimme a E.X.P.L.O.I...u can fill in the blanks.Muahahaha! I wish!we're such softies we prolly give em the best rates in town!

Anyhow so this old craftman hidden deep within the woods does brilliant floral carvings ..So we tot,great lets get him to carve us a Hornbill,The body came out fine in the first attempt..But the head took 3 evolution before we cauld turn it from a crow to hornbill head.So im really hoping with all the mastik coating and flat single colors going on,..hope our Hornbill aint gonna look like - Heckyl & Jeckyl those friggin annoying talking magpies.