Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007,a pretty year.

I had to reflect 07' before jotting down my endless list and ever so far new year's resolution. Its been all tooo dam happening for my weak heart ( i can't watch ripley's,..yea its that bad)

Before I got bitten by the reality of life in Sandakan,I was full of hopes,ideals and dreams. Every bit of my pores were oozing with WORLD DOMINATION ARRRGHH!!! I never thought of myself as a big city girl,Im not a big clubber nor do I enjoy being heavily intoxicated by mindless drinking/mindless people and I would count myself an outdoorish person,loved big trees and white beaches.Besides I was getting tired of my jet setting job.As I slurp on my ice cold starbucks latte,I soon develop a serious infatuation with the idea of living in "The Nature City",Sandakan. ...Stones stroll to virgin forests...full of beautifully simple people blah blahh blahhh.NOTT!

First of all..people here are not simple ..and miles away from being beautiful..inside/out.This town is caught with a major identity crisis.Full of migrants,mostly illegal..Filipinos,Indonesians ..every1 here is looking for a better life,a quicker way out of poverty. Scheming to get more by doing less.The middle class have gone so numb with the middle name of cheap labour that they don't seem to react much anymore...even when somebody ram their cars into our walls(My hotel Staff)With the booming palm industry Sandakan is looming with uncultured overnight rags to riches plantation owners. Corruption issues in every single turn..esp in the you know departments.Even the smallest small fry official guy tries to rape its own ppl.And I never understood how the economics works itself out when living standards are 10% higher than the peninsula,but yet wages are 40% lower than given any other states in malaysia.

Heh,i think i conveniently leave out the fact that chinese hardware store owner would'nt even blink an eye when selling super glue to 9yr olds wearing a skin tone thats anything darker than yellow.When these sniffin kids grow up with half a brain left ( im being generous here.),Chinese shop owner like these would go on and on bout how stupid their staff ( now a grown up druggie ) are. Honestly I can't decide which is worst being a total racist,unethically money face or a hypocritical dumb ass?

It was untill while working with a few different contractors,When I saw 12yr old girl in the brick kiln,9 - 11yrs old boy loading up a truck that I saw the uncanny beauty of this rough lil town.Even though, many western societies would be appalled by these working conditions. But sometimes its just a way of life..a natural process for any nations to grow. Once upon a time living conditions in America was bad too.In fact much worse..Desperately in need for a kind delivery of a brutal fact..i decided to take things as it is.And work with what i've got and what I can... Except, life just ain't the same without my nonchalantly market ted ice-cold latte from starbucks. And Moral of the story is simple...

a.) Leave the Africans alone!
b.) Do not go child shopping in Vietnam like Ms Womb Raider!
c.) Dont be ripped off by fair trade labels.

To keep my new year's resolution short - 1) WORLD DOMINATION!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Im hitting KL on thursday...arrghhh lights! lights! civilisation!!grr i feel like a bug flying towards the lights...oooohhhh aaahhh preeeddy lighttts~
anyhow before all that,here's whats happening... I've been dealing with bad town planning and major sewerage n flash flood problems in Sandakan town, honestly I cant' seem to bitch enough about how they should just stop resurfacing the roads and move on the sewage problems!.. Jees some people's livelihood actually depends on em! And to think that I'm at the expense such dodos is really not hot ,..not hott at all!

so,back to our bunch of joy, today I'll like to exhibit what we call "A MASS ORGIE OF LINEWORK"! ahhhh what gives the eye and mind great pleasure. Everywhere I turn,I see distinctive lines/patterns/joineries (is there sucha word?) and it was a great day to take some wicked snaps,.loada sun,loada shadow,loada contrast. Considering we are in an era where Man lil pea brain conveniently roll out from their ear,hence easily lead on by the Media whom is doing a great job promoting adrogynous stick-insect woman as sexy...I guess PD is ohh soo soo sexy too..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knitting aint' only for grannies!

That's actually Ali's son slicing the bamboo.. he doesn't look too happy bout his job! Ha,.. anyways it was really interesting watching them knitting these bamboo thatch, I can't illustrate the full process cuz i wasn't there but I can assure you its honestly 100% hardwork..never as easy as they make it seem like. Wish I had taken more pix.
These mats will be put up as walls within each duplex. We'v tried out a few,and it looks ab fab!cept for the fact that you can actually peep thru the lil gaps into the bathroom..otherwise it's good to go hehe..will upload more pics this weekend.
2008 - "YII FATT" Cantonese tongue. yii - 2, fatt - 8. In a pretty force fed and purpposeful slang it literally translates to ( easy way to prosperity) sometimes some chinese cultures are just beyong pre-historic times. People keep asking if we had delibrately delayed the launching of this project so that we hit the YII FATT year..Even though, i guess it makes perfect sense to any other chinese bussiness man.It would prolly mean a strategic move to em. Dont get me wrong,I am excited about the new year,just dread the fact that we got thrown this far off our schedule.