Thursday, January 14, 2010

The real Eco Deck

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So I started 2010 with a short sabatical back home.Even tho it was too short for me to sit in lil corners back home to think.I realise I no longer fear being left behind in timbaktoo. Because as civilised as any civilisation may appear. Honestly they are just a bunch of Barbarians. So I pretty much rather stay where the simple people are.

We just reworked the shade for the Sun Deck thats overlooking the canopy...Where we had our wedding 1yr plus ago. The Cotton Linen Shade idea was really nice & romantic at first. then we realise it just didnt work.The day after any stormy night. The tattered bits of fabrics scattered around the area, the storm seem scarrier than it really is.

SO... we decided to build a shade outta living bamboo! It just clicked! Trees have always been natural shelter for animals & humans alike .. its so obvious! why didnt we thought of that earlier! This is genuinely ECO. not only did we not use extra material or chop any wood... the bamboo is actually ALIIVEEE!!! HAH! take that you fakey eco resorts who claim to charge people extra for your biodegradable shampoo????!! I have nothing against their shampoo but using it as a selling point or rather extortion point while the entire resort is built from illegal timber is just so wrong.! Not naming names here. just look out for their shampoo.... I;ve got loads more angst & teeeeeenyy weeeeny bit of jealousy when it comes to the topic of Eco resort & their blaah list of self' -acclaim awards.we'll save it for another day as for today..
its back to conquering the world with 1 less tooth! ( Just removed 1 of my wisdom tooth )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lesson No.1 2010

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On the 1st of Jan 2010. Roses our Manager had her wedding in her Kampung.. Telupid..It was a wet & trecherous drive but it was all well worth it.

We had simple kampung food & took lotsa pictures. She looked really gorgeous & always.The simply put together Canvas Gazebo was surprisingly cosy inside. I love those colourful paper tissue streamers.. brings me back to arts & craft class. They've got the Karaoke set going with some serious sound system all hooked up. I bet her Bus load full of friends & fellow villagers rocked it out all night after we left.

According to her its morning prayers, then blessing back home.. then sitting on the "throne" all day for others to take photos with.. hymm & then we got some eggs as a thankyou gift.. its a tradition on muslim wedding.. Fertility perhaps? Since they always seem to have a bus load of brothers & sister.

Its comforting to be at her wedding. That means I'm not a bitch to work with! PHEW! More importantly 1st lesson of the year was clear. Simple can be beautiful & Love is literally in the air if you are willing to see it.