Friday, July 16, 2010

Football fever

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Football.. the 1 thing, il never get. Il spare another bad Paul the octopus joke. at least these guys seems to be enjoying the game..cuz they stayed up till 4am to catch the final.. & obviously they are Dutch.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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The NEW & IMPROVED stilt huts are ready after a long chase to the finish line! yeeehaa..Anton now skips around the retreat with the load off his shoulders texting me non stop all day ..proclaiming to me repeatedly "who's the man, Who's the man!!" while flexing his unapparent "guns?" - he calls em.

So the new & improve came with some crazy jungle view while you do your morning no.1s & 2s. the rooms are slightly more spacious.. & some innovative lightings.Personally the straw hat light in the bathrooms freaks me out a littke bit.

Its all about the view this time.. all 8 units are well hidden in the jungle trail..there's view in the front porch, view from your bed, view while u pee, view while u poop.. I think u might get away with nude tanning at the balcony.. but I would'nt encourage that though, just because we've seen quite a few large size black squirrel around that area..They've got a notorious reputation with some of our guest..stealing chips & biscuits in broad day light! So we dont want em picking those "raisins & nuts" do we. Hehe obviously im in a cheeky mood. cuz its DONE! ITS DONE!! YOOOHOOO!

loading the pictures tonight.!