Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wishfull Thinking & Hopefull Dreams

You know, Sometimes I really dont quite understand how our biological clock works when it comes to counting down the months. Its as if we're programmed to feel a certain way in a certain season.

"Febuary" is the unofficial "if somebody dont give me a box of chocalate,I'll dunk my head in a fondue pot." doomed to a bad start month.
"June" is the widely known gimme a break month,You want a break from your boss,you want to break up that "jees how did we last this long" expired Valentine's date.
October's the best,Its the only month the fashion police allow overkilled eye liners,you roam freely in Toy'rus believing its ok to be an oversized kid.
November lets you splurge as if you had a pay raise, Finally December Is the only time of the year when people young n old,big n small celebrate an occasion they cant' be bothered to spell correctly.

Ahhh n then at the struck at 12am,on the final day of every bitchy year,You miraculously gain an invincible surge of energy,hopes and drive for a bettter year ahead..NOT! cuz this January was the worst ever,,..Ali's team decided to throw a mutiny at us right after new year's day.In short,we paid Ali,But Ali didn't pay the rest,and the rest thinks he's kept the money for himself,but we think he's spend it on hookers and new handphones. Since they whole team lived in the same village,technically making them next door neighbours we thought he wouldnt' do something so stupid, but I guess we made the fundamental mistake of T.R.U.S.T. Frankly I dont think Ali is a bad/evil person,He just can't quite manage his finances and he thinks with his willy.

Anyhow luckily we cleared the air and Ali's debts, promised he's continued to work for us for more than 2 weeks to repay the debts,we've also got the team back to kickstart other bits,Hopefully we get to open by March for real this time. I feel for Anton,he's now the contractor,the foreman and the worker's head..but then again I've gotto handle exploding sewerage problems at then hotel all the time. Yup guess I'll save the pity points for myself.