Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Jungle Wedding

Our wedding was exactly the way we ( maybe just me ) wanted it. Friends,Family in the most genuine way share a joyous occasion together. My bridal march "Somewhere over the rainbow,Ukulele version. so turn it on while browsing the pix n u'll get a v clear pic of what happened that morning.

More than ever we wanted to show people the wonders of gods creation. We were all greeted by sweet kisses of morning breeze and as I watch the fabrics flutter away & birds chirpin lightly in the backgrounds I knew,.. it was a beautiful gift from him.

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Paganakandii lost her virginity.

Paganakandii's First Guest

Its been a long long while.. too many new events.pass 2 mths have been the most exciting mths of my life..

Our First Guest ,our first group of skanky school kids, our first full house, our first visit from friends and family ever since we've moved here ..( yea it really feels like family reunion on survivor island) Our first dutch,aussie,american,brit,korean,bulgarian!,german,swedish,spaniards,swiss, and in the most bazaar way.. BOSNIAN... last but not n least Our very first day as a husband & wife. Official partner in dime.

On certain days you cant wait to share your baby with others,passing her around like a prized possesion,watching others amused by its every move.While you smirk away thinky yeaaa,.."yea that detail? idea. Oh yes yes that tooo.. was my brilliant brains..hymm what can i say!"

On other days run around the houses and duplex picking on every signle piece that has been raped from its former pristine glory.,.. ARGHH! ...the tainted sheets,OOhhh!flattened pillows..and Yikes! somebody had corn cob last night!.and the perfect theme song runs in your head. - Madonna " Like a virgin!,touched for the very first time."..Its a strange cross fire of relations.i dont quite understand whats my point too.

ohh yea n somebody ask why do i use profanity on the blog...Well im sure a perfect worker ant from the perfect city of SingaPURE wont understand genuinity....We are who we are and what we are.. im not doing poncy 5star resort. In fact star ratings are absolutely irrelevant here .. how would they rate my sink which is encrusted not with 24K gold but with struck of genius. we're giving people our version of borneo n how we think people cauld best savour it - with fukin good food & blllarrdy sweeett coconuts!

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