Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Annual Celebration

We try to throw a little house party at the retreat every year to celebrate another year of success.. in overcoming some huge storms, never ending maintainence work, down right cuckoo tourist & a few other close calls. Its just nice really nice to sit around the long picnic bench & have a good uninterupted family meal. Nothing more to report.. except the food was delish - courtesy of Balin Roof Garden. who says you cant blow your own horn.BONKKKK BOOONKK~

Im sure we have a more flattering picture of me over the saucce some where. this 1 just looks baaaddd~

I forgot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! no depressing re-caps this year. Yippy!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hi HO Hi Ho its off to work we go!

Its maintenance season again! Definitely not my forte. Anton's been going around fixing things.. first up! the roads! then prolly the roof...& more coming. So god,please please please only send nice & understanding guest. Sometimes we get people who are really unrealistic..just because the reviews are good doesn't mean we miraculously transform into a 5* Taj. Anyways I'll stop here.

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! its off to work we go. we've got some seriously strong & hard-working dwarfs here. Fortunately they don't read English. I'm sure they don't like being called dwarfs, but I think strong & hard working dwarf is quite a kinky little compliment don't you think?

Refer to image 1. As you can see we didn't expect the rocks to be huge atlas boulders! because I thought we ask for pebbles. When the truck came everything was dumped onto an immobile pile. Had to bring in some heavy machinery the second day before the guys could shovel it flat like a sheet of pasta. Gaaahh! what a costly repair is all the good wife could say. well at least its 1 down..99999999 more task to go.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Water tank almost tanked.

When people tell me " You must've have a ridiculously fun job!'' I always say " There's good days & bad days,more bad than good... but the few really good ones makes it all worth the bad..know what i mean?" So anyways today is a bad-ish day. Sorta like bad but not unfixablely bad, just pain in the arse kinda bad day.

The water tank that stores water ''duh'' from the government pipes was on the verge of toppling over. had to drain it all jack it back up blah blah blah.. & its fixed! so like I say bad-ish day. If your'e having a bad day I hope its like 1 of these "ish'' days.