Saturday, October 16, 2010

Incredible Indiiaaaa~

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I dont know how many of you manage to catch the Commonwealth games.. First of all.. i dont see the brits sharing their wealth with us.. .. k saving my rants for another day.

we are all packed & leaving for New Delhi tommorow for some Chapati R&R. I love India...She's been nice to me,3 visits & a clean and very palatable record with the cuisine.. CANT WAIT.. ohh I actually went online to see if the legendary Pandit Shankar Khan the Sithar meastro was around to give us a gig.. If you havent heard about him before,I guess you just got to stick with Bieber.& nope im not apologetic about being a musical snob.

This time I must see the Taj!!!

Meanwhile our lovely team will take good care of you!like always.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bring it on! MONSOON 2010!

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've always had to live with a wet, stormy ,short of chilling space monsoon season..NOT ANYMORE! We've put up a huugge canvas that took the feat of 6 strong man..1 or 2 with obscene man boobs,. But I promise you they are the strongest man u can find in Borneo!

WE're ready for the RAIN.. I hope it doesnt come though.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I've caught the desperation bug!

I dont know if anyone is capable of feeling as constipated as I am right now, In an attempt to reignite with my for hospitality Im going to attempt to de-cluter & process the thoughts thats boiling within for the past 3 mths without cursing at some really people with crazy expectation....

Service industry is probably the only industry that you get to meet people from all walks of life, naturally some people make you want to work harder by giving amazingly generous compliments & encouragement that money cant buy. Then there's other's whom you wish you cauld call em a cab & send them packing.

This is not an idustry for the weak at heart . Because its the only industry that does not allow you to not take things personally. Essential what service really is, is giving a part of yourself to complete strangers , hoping they would accept you for the way you are. If you are lucky, some would even give themselves back in return. & that, is how your create an intangible & unspoken bond that would last across all 5 continents & 7 seas..thats why travelling can be extremely romantic.

However the 3 months of constant giving & receiving might have taken its toll on me. The constant lack of good sleep, the looping re-runs of random people & their ideals in my head,I almost feel like an oversoaked sponge. Ready to disintegrate into small fragile clumps. All i did for the past 2 days was baking some brownies, stuffing my face infront of crap tv programs. I'm officially lazy...grrrr!

We've had the most bazaar complaints,... even the few harmless palm tree within the compound have to take a beating for us. well,..blame it on the mass media. Palm tree is not really as bad as people think it is,( anyways I'll save it for another entry )I've become so obses with what others make of us,my heart will be pounding away while waiting for the tripadvisor review page to load. Obviously we're far from perfect & there's definately room for improvement.. but I guess i just need a chill pill & look at the complaints objectively.

So the point is, the show must go on! even if you only have 1 good audience, that should be enough to worth your while. yes,..? no? ..gaahh i need more brownies!

Anyways.... here are some pics of our guest chilling in the different decks & levels at the dining area. I must stay over night once in awhile..its so chilled out at night. nice cooling breeze..except the air smelled a little bit funky yesterday.