Monday, August 27, 2007


Check out the grains on the flooring and the gorgeous bar top!
Its becoming increasingly annoying to blog these days,everynow and then when you feel like reading random picks. every 4clicks on "next blog" the heading pops up with hideous looking cows with gargantua moo cow tits with flashing headlines "find yourself a company in Kota Kinabalu"!..first of all,hello!! do i look like i need papayas to go with my morning coffee?..secondly if they had to stuff everybody's face with tits all the time .. can't they at least get decent looking slim models. !! Ppl come to Sabah to see monkeys,orang Utans..not COWS,get the stats rite!It is reaalllly freaaking annoying for porn peddlers to think every1's a nympho like themselves.
Anyhow here's more pix... im dying for a Burrito!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The reveal i've been waiting for

After loada day,mid day and sweet dreaming, and loada "pls pls pls can i go up there now?pls pls!" - On another routine site check,I finally made my way up to the 3rd level of the Communal Pavilion. It was really worth the wait.
As soon as i rest my feet upon the wide wooden floor,tracing along each grain,a light incense like flavour fills the air,Reminensce of saw dust afloat with the beat of each step.The space presented itself in a similar aura as the long houses, Generous,unassuming and peaceful. Nestled in the heart of nature,visions quickly filled my head with snap shots of activities and faces that will soon replace the emptiness.YOGA,massages,quite afternoon read,movie under the stars,barbecue dinners,long conversations,bashful smiles,thunderous laughs last but not least in the great company of rustling trees and singing bugs.

Yea,I'm a major dreamer,a romanticist.. In reality folks will probably be spraying themselves with insect repellents half the time and shoving hankies under their sweaty underarms. But
it is not everyday we can immerse our senses in such deep trance with the absence of drugs,and I'm glad I allow the sensitivity of each pore open up,cuz as soon as we open the place to public,I'd prolly be too busy Battling againt realities for ideals.

It kinda feels like this Kenzo Amour Ad..

Kenzo AMour

Monday, August 13, 2007

Owl and the entourage

Burung Hantu : Directly translates to Ghost Bird, or owl in the Malay language.

Few days back, Uncle Jalil caught a baby owl perching on his barn house near the retreat.It aint' exactly a cute lil cherub at all when we say its a baby. This would probably be one of the freakiest Owls I've ever seen,I bet if any UFOs ever catch it under its beaming human sucking lights,they be communicating in to it with their native tongue.In a blink of an eye,its slitty almond shaped eyes could transforms into a huge 20cent coin when its aggravated.
Seeing how his Magnificent storm stalks been reduced to bald headed looking vultures,we finally convinced him to release the stressed out bird. When we open the cage doors,all the owl did was squiggle itself to the opposite end,after a few nasty probe,the owl again dodged to another side.By then Uncle Jalil was getting a lil impatient,with one flip and a few shakes,the baby clumsily plopped onto the ground.Before the release, I painted a stere0typical romantic picture of freeing the bird,seeing it soar freely in my head... But i guess not with this lil guy. The highly amused Uncle Jalil commented,Day time Bird blind,that's why so dumdum!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Showing Off

Nothing much to talk about today,just showing

some pictures.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our short hols

Sherwin and Ying pop by from Singapore last weekend for a holiday,We decided to do a 2D 1N Sukau cruise. We stayed at the Tommangong River Lodge,very lovely spot along the Kinabatangan river.

Day 1
On the first day,at around half past 4pm,we set out in search of some Pygmy Elephants and Monkeys,Unfortunately we got more than we bargained for. Seeing what a sunny afternoon it was,I slipped into my skimpy strappy top and shorts hoping to fix that bad tann.Then out of nowhere,the weather decided to throw a major ,...MAJOR bitch fit,very much like your girlfriends would - Totally out of context!down came the rain,beating against my naked flesh.To top that up mother nature threw in some really really close proximity lightnings just for the fun of it! For some reason,everyone was really amused by the heavy downpour,Every instance when the rain came harder we would laugh and giggle even harder. So yeap,no monkeys elephants..just some cats and dogs.

Met a young italian geologist couple finished off the day with rounds of Oranjeboon ( "Duty Free" Beer) good food, good laughs definately great company!
Day2 ,
Once again we set out in search of some Proboscis Monkey,cruising down the river slightly after sunrise was amazing. You can almost feel the river banks and forest awakening from its sleep as the boat cruises its way down the Majestic brown river.As we enter the smaller riverbends,the water transformed into a dark almost black shade.and I was convinced,this must be how it feels like to be a Hobbit in MiddleEarth! The mystical bends gradually uncovers itself ,revealling folds after folds of vegetation and greens.Then,finally.. sightings of family lot Proboscis Monkeys,apparently the males have hard ons all day long!the call it the "red chili" and they luurrve flashing themselves hence a close friend of mine calls it the Promiscous Monkey! Maybe someday when the Chinese finally run out of black dog penis,horse penis and seahorse penis of which i didn;t know seahorses had penises,in their endless pursue of the most potent aphrodisiac, they would come to Borneo for the red chillis.Meanwhile,lets keep this as Sabah's best kept secrets.So hush,. well im only showing this post because Kinabatangan cruise is really a must see when any1 visits sandakan.