Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hari Raya

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New fan reminded me why I need to keep this blog alive.

Grrr diggin thru the memmory capsule...Hari Raya. Quite honestly speaking I cant recall much about that day cept Lalaine our chef at the Retreat did a great job with the beef rendang!Everyone whom help build our place was there... To be honest,I probably felt abit indifferent about the reunion....Considering 110% of our lodge was built from pure manpower... - Now I feel bad for not taking time out to be thankfull~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Taming of a Shrew

The blind dude Cpt Jack Sparrowl Left , The Owl from Outerspace, our first ever sighting.

This is the exact same look Anton gives me everytime i screw up.

Jees he cant get any cuter than this.

Ah Lian - A female Chinese gangster,known to stare people down & start vicious cat fights.they are your wikipedia to dialect profanity.

For some reason the news of Cheftan have spread so far & wide , Everyone seems to think we are in a hurry for another owl..The villages who have help build our retreat kept saying hey don't worry boss, I get 1 for you, I get 1 for you..!!..and true enough without us really wanting 1 that badly Jun,the guy who carved our sign board caught a black 1 for us... this 1 is a little smaller same breed as Cheftan but we suspect this is prolly a female - ( Anton's logic, Male birds always looks better than the female ala Peacock/Cockerel ) but she was a feisty 1..and she was a cross between McDonald's Hamburglar and a local "AH LIAN" with that " WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" shrew face.

Anyhow we had it for less than a week,before i can name her she'd bit her way to freedom. Which inspired us to write this posting of all the owls that have come and gone by the retreat.
Owls - such beautiful and intriguing creatures.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Heart wrenched love(ing) Memory of Cheftan

Just two weeks back I was procrastinating about telling every1 the truth about Chieftain,.the origins and how we were obligated to keep him ...
We wanted to buy Capt. Jack Sparrowl thinking we should save the blind guy from absolute psycho kids in the village,deal didn't come through followed by a whole lot of misunderstanding. Uncle Jalil got us an baby owl thinking we really wanted a pet owl - we had to keep it on a leash for awhile since we cant lose the gift .I know - Asians never say no,we patronise and let the sense of obligation & discomfort slowly trickle away.Some days we even give ourselves fantastic excuses to rob the poor bird of its freedom."

Just last week,Blinded by our selfish needs for sacrilege amusement, We joked about how we would get a pretty good cut selling tix. Salamander (Giant lizard thing) V.S Owl! The lizard was prowling every night under the pavilion...before sneaking up on him,after a few failed attempts, The lizard made desperate attempts during the day as well..and our poor chieftain was so blind during the day he came to a few close call before finally perching itself on a much higher ground,Refuse to even come down for dinner.

Today Early morning , when both of us were still lazing under the soft sheets.Anton got a text msg from Roses. - saying the bird was gone. The really annoying part was how Anton delivered it to me when he got to the crime scene.His txt msg :"Hymm there's blood".Absolutely Indifferent! Where as I had burst into a stream of manic imagination.Instantly in 3D visuals ala CSI ,the murderous scene slowly played out in my head. The leash had gave way so its either 1) Salamander came,Snapped real hard and tug chieftain off the rope like how they would feed chickens to crocodiles. or 2) Chieftain in his desperate attempt while peeing in his pants (furry ass) bit himself loose. either way its bad and im sad. Chieftain was an ice breaker - total strangers would identify each other as blood bros over a short conversation about him.He would "crooo~" in a strange horny delight when we pet stroke his head gentle. He would turn around and stare into your lens shamelessly handsome (prolly cuz he's still trying to make out the fuzzy picture.) He would blink his long lashes and follow your every single movement in deep interest. Last but not least if you walk around him,He would turn his head almost 180 just to see if there's a treat for him. He was to become the face of Paganakandii. Anyhow bottomline is lets hope Jalil doesnt get us another bird.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Jungle Wedding

Our wedding was exactly the way we ( maybe just me ) wanted it. Friends,Family in the most genuine way share a joyous occasion together. My bridal march "Somewhere over the rainbow,Ukulele version. so turn it on while browsing the pix n u'll get a v clear pic of what happened that morning.

More than ever we wanted to show people the wonders of gods creation. We were all greeted by sweet kisses of morning breeze and as I watch the fabrics flutter away & birds chirpin lightly in the backgrounds I knew,.. it was a beautiful gift from him.

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Paganakandii lost her virginity.

Paganakandii's First Guest

Its been a long long while.. too many new events.pass 2 mths have been the most exciting mths of my life..

Our First Guest ,our first group of skanky school kids, our first full house, our first visit from friends and family ever since we've moved here ..( yea it really feels like family reunion on survivor island) Our first dutch,aussie,american,brit,korean,bulgarian!,german,swedish,spaniards,swiss, and in the most bazaar way.. BOSNIAN... last but not n least Our very first day as a husband & wife. Official partner in dime.

On certain days you cant wait to share your baby with others,passing her around like a prized possesion,watching others amused by its every move.While you smirk away thinky yeaaa,.."yea that detail? idea. Oh yes yes that tooo.. was my brilliant brains..hymm what can i say!"

On other days run around the houses and duplex picking on every signle piece that has been raped from its former pristine glory.,.. ARGHH! ...the tainted sheets,OOhhh!flattened pillows..and Yikes! somebody had corn cob last night!.and the perfect theme song runs in your head. - Madonna " Like a virgin!,touched for the very first time."..Its a strange cross fire of relations.i dont quite understand whats my point too.

ohh yea n somebody ask why do i use profanity on the blog...Well im sure a perfect worker ant from the perfect city of SingaPURE wont understand genuinity....We are who we are and what we are.. im not doing poncy 5star resort. In fact star ratings are absolutely irrelevant here .. how would they rate my sink which is encrusted not with 24K gold but with struck of genius. we're giving people our version of borneo n how we think people cauld best savour it - with fukin good food & blllarrdy sweeett coconuts!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open House

Just like all other Chinese businessmen,..We always have an "open house" event before the official opening.. To us it's like a kick start to the engine.You know~..get the Human "Chii" flowing,for prosperity sake and that whole load of chinky china man bull. What's not for 'prosperity' in the Chinese culture anyways?!

Anyhow,Anton threw a lil party to thank our suppliers + contractors. The Crew gave 110% to the finish line.Thank god for sending us good helpers like Roses even tho I still feel like strangling her sometimes. Despite the back breaking 3day of mad action,we all manage glee away like proud owners do.

So far comments
about the place have been good..Off course,these guys prolly exaggerated a bit cuz I bet they've never seen such a hardworking man like Anton - Good Job Partner *Pats on the head*

Yup,the toast is crisp and the butter's spread.Cant wait to take a good bite and roll in some dough!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


you know why cameleons are sooo dam good at their job??..
try looking f
or it in this picture.

Saw this lil guy bobbin its head and enlarging his throat when i bum into it outside our conference room area.It can only mean a few things in the jungle world..1) He want to eat me 2) He's real turned on by me. Yup Sex and food fills 24/7 of their life.

Monday, July 7, 2008


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Shittzeerr, I cant believe its been 4 months of slacking or otherwise burning my attention for Balin - our roof garden project. will be updating those soon too..

Anyways..Its a gloomy day out there,so much has gone by the past 4 months,we've got additions of mattresses,grass,generator,conference hall,bamboo,creepers,snakes,Eagle poop...yea how often u get to see that.He was well she was...well HE, was chillin on our freshly plopped grass patch while I struggled my way up hill.Made a loud squawk and flew off as soon as he noticed me.I think i might have traumatized the big bird cuz found wet poop patch right where he was landing...well' that's a party "pooper" - pun intended for those of you who had high hopes/respect for the majestic bird.Imagine *SSSQQQUUAAWWKK brrraaffttt*

Phew that feels better,Sorry guys, Im having a bad day needed smt to amuse myself the bird pooopin..welll it's "crap" talk haha literally.But the eagle drying its wings on our new grass is true.Ohh and the loud Squawwk.

On a lazy day like this,..image speaks a million more than usual...

to the god mother's of our baby,Farah & Nina.. thankyou guys again.