Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Guys made it possible

( found this on site, its a good cuban cigar too..but nobody own up to it..strange~)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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So here's what happened. On a stormy night, Some branches fell on the newly strung electrical cables,sparks flew causing a minor fire..right out of a scene from horror films.Everything happened so quickly. We are really lucky the damage wasn't that bad... So we are cutting down some trees & branches to prevent future mishap.

So apart from huge delays in completion date, we have to deliver the bad news to quite a few dissapointed customers..what's worst..a few of them are uncontactable.. we're dooommeed dooooooommed

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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Its been over a month since I blogged. Not that I was particularly busy..just wasnt' a very productive month i'l say. So anyhow before I take off to Bali & Melbourne for a long awaited girl trip with my sis. Here are some quick updates.

Puk puk is making leaps & bounce... literally, we had a trip to the retreat last weekend after 1.5mths of quarrantine at home. & he cauldnt' stop jumping around.

The new chalets are coming up fast.. In fact we need them to be up desprately fast... so Anton has been working like a mad - man during the day & replying endless email enquiries late into the night while I slide some obscenely smooth cheesecake & watch by the sidelines....oh yeaaa, I AM secretly enjoying the show just this wee bit.

The Combi is down again.This time .. not a whimper when we turn the key.

When my gf grace ask for my plan of attack on Melbourne.. I told her, first of all I need a good hunka steak! then some oysters shooters. Then we can sort out the rest while a sip me cappucino made with real fresh milk...not some funky UHT long life stuff.

OH YES! I received a snail mail from Sydney yesterday, dated 19th Jan 2010. The Envelope was covered with ( Care Bear stickers..There's a card inside ... also with stickers,naturally its an enquiry about room availability but with no check in dates, just a request for a possible discount if she stays long. Whilst the care bear stickers creeps d shit outta me..its so sweet to receive snail mails nowadays. ( will post a pic soon )

& i tot Willy was weird - Our guest who had raw food diet of garlic,carrots & a pinch of salt on the side everyday.