Sunday, August 29, 2010

Its fruiting season!

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Kacang Putih Man - typically an indian man dressed in Sarung & white singlet, Peddling sugar coated /savoury varieties of nuts & preserves wrapped in conical shaped old newspaper.Usually at the cinema or markets.Sadly its a dying trade.

Woohoo, Its fruiting season & we got some seedling from forestry department..hehe thats what I call friends of benefit... bags & bags of seeds lined up at the corridor. Alex reminds me of the kacang putih man peddling & scouraging the little precious nuggets into bags.

We've planted them in,some have sprouted! The grand p of reforesting the world 1
lantree at a time has started! by the way Anton has been playing Pinky & the Brain theme song on loop courtesy of youtube, I think he's gone mad...

Look out for more updates on our Seadcooperative site.


"Roda roda maut" - The wheel of death. Made a really good shot. saw it at Don's sawmill while
scanvenging for some old scraps.
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