Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sandakan, Including Sepilok area have been raining for the past 130HRS - that's 5 days of persistent rainfall! On the 4th day, the effects finally made their late & much pronounced arrival in the wee hours of a misty morning.The disturbing scene of land-slides,floods,fallen trees left & right was apparent as I manoeuvred through the obstacle course towards town. I've never seen a more damaging monsoon than this! The kids camping near our grounds, had to evacuate in the middle of the night when a surge of water fromt the nearby rivers gushed into their camps.

By the time Anton reached the retreat, The main road access to Sepilok & to our retreat was already completely flooded to knee height.We had no choice but to row a boat & thread in the muddy waters to get some of our guest to the airport. Fortunately the waters receded by 1pm & we quickly had a good gauge of the damages/potential risk if rain persisted.There was some soil movements .But luckily nothing major, Some hardcore "Jungglies'' insisted coming the next day & no flood or storm or torrential rain could dampen the spirit of a good Jungle lover. Mr Tamada,his wife, 2 kids & a stray dog all stood waiting on the seats of the Sepilok junction bus stop when we finally got to them up.

As our car waded through the precarious roads near BDC/SIM SIM/BDR RAMAI
(where slumps,poorer local community are),The painful revelation of what poverty can do hit me. Even in life threatening situations poverty simply leave you with limited choice.Drove by an old apartment block, the landslide from a dangerously close mountain rushed past the back doors, crashing through the corner lot restaurant & emerging from the front door & strangely neighbours left & right from the same block just went about doing their usual routine without evacuation ever crossing their minds. Later that day we got to know the owner of that particular restaurant was 1 of 3 accounted for casualties.

It is,... STILL absolutely pouring outside.As I lay warm & snug in the covers with great gratitude for the security that god have given us,I can't help but think of those who literally have to battle through another stormy night.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cest' La Vie

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Sorry people its been awhile, I was suppose to carry on the tradition of posting a year end recap .. but I had so much work & so little help the past few months i just wasn't in the mood.

I had a look at 2009 recap & realise luckily I started 2010 from a good place,,a grateful place. Last year was so tedious i almost died. The growing pains to be dealt with was almost unbearable. Even though financially it was a good year,a series of unfortunate events bashed my ego up real bad. So its all proven.. money cant bring you happiness.

Then on new years eve,10.30pm, storm hit .. hit hard.. - our fireworks party at the roof garden practically turned into a total wet t - shirt party. That was when i decided to let loose & have fun. fu*k the sales & just enjoy the final moments with people who are important to me. Hey, if the starters was so so, the main-course is bad,dessert always makes it better yea.Right after the countdown, as the fireworks burst off in all its dampen glory,I ran up to the roof into a blizzard of rain with a few crazy customers & got to savour the sweetest of all endings.Albeit wet & cold.... but sweet.

The party continued with a great dancing crowd which included a 70yr old dancing nana..Today I realise if I hadn't let go, 2010 would have had her annoying last laugh when it rain on my parade.HAH!So good riddance! sucker of years!