Sunday, August 25, 2013

Invasion of the Koala troopers

Adira '': hymmm for munching or throwing''
Koala 1 :" Aww look at that face, can we please be nice to her''
Koala 2 : ''She smeellls like eucalyptussssssssssss'' 
Koala 3 : "She's a chubbbyy eucalyptusssss puddinnngggg''
Koala 4 : '' I've got a plan!"

5 minutes later 

     Adira : " Mummy, what are they doing to me?!''

           Adira : "AAAAAh! they are nibbling my chubbers"

 Big Thankyou Jennie Herbertson & family for the wonderful gift from Downunder.

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