Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey you look familiar!

So we scoot off to Phuket for a short short short holiday before bb come along, just a few short days of eating good food, go for long walkabouts , boat ride on a Chinese Junk - which btw was amazing & then we bump into a familiar stranger. From way across the road I saw that unmistakable dreds,skinny frame, teeny tiny eyes & megawatt smile & it was LEE!

about 4 years ago, When we first started the retreat. Lee stayed with us for quite awhile.. around a week. Probably friendliest chilliest person I've ever met..as you can see his "good vibrations'' were extremely infectious, just look at Anton hahahaha. Anyways Lee would walk around topless covered with tribal tats, stroll into our  kitchen & cook with us, casually turned our restaurant area into a make shift spa providing all day free massage & ear cleaning services, move mattress out from the hostel & sleep under the stars..so no doubt he very popular with other single female guest. 

Small world indeed, we caught him out in the streets of old phuket town an hour away from his flight back to korea..had some drinks in a quirky coffee shop/guesthouse/secret garden where they do all the naughty stuff..offered us some "herbal jacked chocolate'' ..maybe Anton poked his curious fingers in em when i wasnt looking!!!  

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