Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coffee ( Tea ) Party at the office

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We don't usually have coffee/tea breaks much at work.. But it seems the only way I can limit my caffeine intake is to share. I got a great bag of Papau New Guinea Blue Mountain from a good friend few days a ago...I know, go big or go home right? Since its somewhat forbidden for preggars to take coffee, I might as well make the best of it & have the best the world can offer.That delicious cobalt blue foil packet calls to me relentlessly everyday!!! Aarrghh I cant take it no more!

Im no connoisseur but I do love my coffees & now that my palate for food ( food is also a big deal for me ) is all fucked, life has become bleak & depressing.. not to mention I've had problems sleeping too.Anyways I gulp down my 8oz worth of guilty pleasure in less than 5 minutes. All I can say im impressed by what mother earth can produce ..of course given the right conditions.

So often we take everyday meals for granted, Essentially its fuel for the body, mind & soul - Im sure mother-in-laws,orthodox midwives,hardcore chinese sinseh types who practice their so called self-righteous pragmatism are rolling their eyes on the very irony of my
coffee article. For the record..Im so glad Anton's Mum - Mary has no place in this department & im allowed to eat,drink as I want. (MAJOR BONUS GIRLFRIENDS! TRUST ME.) -I digress. So now that Im eating for 2,you cant help but be grateful for Earth's provision. Everything you need in order to keep those delicate wheels & gears turning is out there in the fields,seas,mountain,streams.I can only hope people realise the severity of tipping the balance of our ingenious food chain. I guess we humans are not so smart after all.. always making the most obvious mistakes.

But today im putting em 'Horse Blinkers'' on,...Its Black gold babyy! black gold! WWeeeehooo.

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