Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mr Majawat & Mrs Hall's Wedding

We had the honour of hosting Ian & Eve's wedding few weeks back, Ian is an Architect based in KK ,he's also working on the upcoming Sunbear sanctuary & some really cool beach shacks in Mantanani island.
Eve's a journalist from KL. They brought together about 80-100 party animal all looked like they've been caged for way too long :0) I must say they've officially outdo us in the party department & I feel old & domesticated watching on.

1) They absolutely tear the roof off a Karaoke bar in the dodgiest part of town ( Even I didnt know of it existed,apparently that was only a warm up session )
2) The girls had team Ian go through horrible forfeits & punishments in mid day heat ( All to proof worthy of the bride's hand )
3) A crazy cultural medley when the couple did the tea ceremony dress in Cheong Sam + Scottich Kilt + on our vintage Malay wedding throne + Hippie streamers in the background
4) Beers to cool the mid day heat
5) Sunset Cocktails,courtesy of ehem us ..
6) Then some food & great speeches
7) More booze & potent Tapai ( local Rice Wine ) to get the party going
8 ) Some dancing ..some drag dancing to be exact
9) More booze
10 ) We left & last checked party did not end till 5am - Sunrise is about 5.30 here.

ohh oh .. I almost forgot she gave everyone the loveliest wedding favour everr..A family recipe book,a compilation of both families secret recipes ( Duhh )

Nevertheless I really admire the enthusiasm & randomness of this quirky bunch. But all in all it was nothing short of the big four letter word. L.O.V.E Im glad we got to be part of it.

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